After a few weeks off, The Diablo Podcast returns with a new show focused largely on Hardcore, Inferno, and successful (or not) player approaches to both.

    Flux is joined by Hardcore expert Xanth for a wide-ranging discussion of all things Diablo III. Topics include Xanth’s Hardcore success (two level 60s and a 59, only two of whom were dead at the time the show was recorded), and how it’s possible to survive playing HC when most players die repeatedly against most nasty boss packs. The build style, the attitude towards using defensive skills, the overgearing and different emphasis on HC chars marks them as very different than Softcore chars, even ones played by careful players.

    Other topics include Inferno issues, the mega gear check it provides, the ironic way many players are hobbling themselves for Inferno by Auction House overgearing in Hell, and mixed-laments that so few offensive skills can be used in the end game.

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