Flux chats with Xanth and Neinball about Diablo III’s second week, and the guys debate going great and what needs work. Topics include character builds and early progress, play styles, reactions to the full game, issues with the economy, the difficulty curve and Inferno, the story and cliffhanger ending, and more. All of the gameplay issues get a Hardcore evaluation as well, since that’s Xanth’s area of expertise.

    The second section of the show kicks in around 56 minutes, when Xanth and Neinball check out, and Flux starts a new quick chat with Exile. Exile explains why is his Witch Doctor is level 59.9, talks about the economy and the GAH, revisits some of his pre-game predictions, and more.

    This show is not spoiler free. The story is discussed in general terms, and the act bosses are mentioned. We’re sorry, but if you still haven’t completed normal difficulty two weeks after launch, you need to play a little faster. Or skip parts of this podcast; we mention the topic before we start talking about the story, and that’s about 35m in.

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