The Diablo Podcast #69: Good Second Impressions, Item Problems, and Difficulty

Flux chats with Xanth and Neinball about Diablo III’s second week, and the guys debate going great and what needs work. Topics include character builds and early progress, play styles, reactions to the full game, issues with the economy, the difficulty curve and Inferno, the story and cliffhanger ending, and more. All of the gameplay issues get a Hardcore evaluation as well, since that’s Xanth’s area of expertise.

The second section of the show kicks in around 56 minutes, when Xanth and Neinball check out, and Flux starts a new quick chat with Exile. Exile explains why is his Witch Doctor is level 59.9, talks about the economy and the GAH, revisits some of his pre-game predictions, and more.

This show is not spoiler free. The story is discussed in general terms, and the act bosses are mentioned. We’re sorry, but if you still haven’t completed normal difficulty two weeks after launch, you need to play a little faster. Or skip parts of this podcast; we mention the topic before we start talking about the story, and that’s about 35m in.

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16 thoughts on “The Diablo Podcast #69: Good Second Impressions, Item Problems, and Difficulty

  1. “This show is not spoiler free.”
    can we stop worrying about whether of not something contains spoilers ? 
    the game’s been out 2 weeks
    if you haven’t played completely through Normal by now, then you never will 

    • Better safe than sorry. If could play thru the game already, be happy about it. I got some friends who are just only in their 20s levels, because they just don’t have that much time to play as they had when D2 was new.

    • Hello,

      The game’s been out two weeks now. Assuming you managed to connect early on the 16th of may (which i did actually, but only at noon, and for the evening, as – guess what – i have a job !!! But you seem not to know what it’s all about), and assuming you have a minimum of social life, and even, let’s be crazy, a family (but do you ??), not even talking about the maintenances on the servers, that should leave you enough time to finish the game. Rushing, but finish it.

      What about players like me growing one character of each of the five classes in parallel ?

      So please, avoid premade judgments, and start thinking a little bit, at least BEFORE writing…you’ll feel smarter ! 🙄  

  2. At about minute 40 you speak of the Act 4 ending being unresolved.

    If you are finding the green books or other lore from conversations, they hint at a dragon existing before the demon bosses.  I think his name was Tethamet (?).

    I believe this sets up the expansion boss being that dragon.  With the souls of the 7 demons released(?) from the worldstone it would suggest an opportunity for the dragon to be reborn.

    Just my 2 cents. 

    • If you liked the green books that were throughout the game, read the Book of Cain.  Its awesome.

    • I’ve read them all and talk with all the NPCs many times to get as much of the story as I could and if anything that just made the ending feel a little bit less satisfying, to me it just felt empty ‘Yay the baddies are the dead!’ but what about addressing a single one of the questions raised in Act 3-4?.  I as a whole enjoy the story throughout the whole game but I just feel the ending was handled very poorly.  
      The one thing I did enjoy about the ending was seeing the culmination of Tyrael’s development, I really enjoyed seeing his story played out.  His story still has many questions to be answered but they left it on a grounded note.

  3. Given how damaging plague, arcane, and molten affixes are I’m surprised that melee characters can make it to Act II Inferno at all.

    It’s no wonder that the ranged toons are more effective in playing the game.

    I’m not brave enough to play a Hardcore character yet, but I’m certainly not going to pick a melee toon for hc mode. 😐

    • That would be Birdie, my cockatiel.  He’s normally well behaved for most of our recordings, his cage is a few feet from my computer, but it seems he wanted to make his presence known again on the podcast.

  4. We need to have Elly on, I want to hear her thoughts on the game now that it’s been out.

  5. 3 months before game came out:
    “inferno is too easy we want the game to be hard”
    inferno cleared by speed runners:
    “see told u guys inferno is too easy”
    truth of the matter is people are already clearing it, doing it legit. blizzard told us in the beginning that we were going to need to farm, and farm we did. and now people are crying.

  6. watch Kungen on twitchtv, progression through inferno hc, starting A2 now; i cant listen to this SC inferno too hard flamers anymore.. if inferno gets nerfed, hc will be broken; then its gg D3, wait for D4

  7. I think a lot of hardcore players only play with people they trust so they only invite friends to their games and never make it public, that’s how my entire group of friends do anyway.

  8. Seems like they are clueless about the “hacking-problem”. Its like with WoW, when a new expension comes, more people complain about hacked accounts because a lot of new players join who are straigt out stupid.
    This happens when you buy Gold, Items, Leveling Services or even Game-Key from dubious pages! I dont know anybody who ever got hacked, even without Authenticator who dont go to these sites or respond to one of the tons of fake blizzard mails in their inbox.  I do know people from my guild who thought they got an epic mount per email or bought their game-key from a gold farming page!

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