The Diablo Podcast #68: First Week of Diablo III

Flux, Azzure, and Grug discuss the first week of Diablo III, both in-game and around the Diablo community. Both guests and the host are relatively pleased with the game, though one guest has some strong reservations about a few things.

The launch is discussed and the panelists debate whether the extensive negative press coverage of Diablo III’s “rocky” launch was a big deal or a big overreaction. Most of the show is concentrated on the gameplay, and there is much discussion of first reactions to the retail client after so long in the tiny Beta. Other game issues include everyone’s first character(s) and goals, character builds and rune effect experimentation, issues with the item system’s limited variety, randomization issues with outdoor and indoor areas, and reactions to Inferno being beaten in four days.

This show is spoiler free, in terms of plot or story details.

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10 thoughts on “The Diablo Podcast #68: First Week of Diablo III

  1. I’m sorry Azzure, but “dungeons look more realisitc” in D3 has to be the most false statement i have ever heard. I mean, just look at them, none of them resemble anything remotely “realistic”. Just spacious hangars hanging over endless voids, with pointless staircases and such.

    Also Grug, you’re not the only one who noticed that D1 cathedral in D3 looks completely different. I pointed it out on forums quite a few times.

  2. The only review that really matters and comes close to being objective:
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    Since then, ATVI is down over 6% while the Nasdaq is down about 1.5%.
    Nostalgic neckbeards are one thing, that’s another.

  3. I agree with Azure that the launch wasn’t a disaster and giving it a 0 because of launch issues is completely unreasonable, but the game could have easily contained a single player offline mode and I don’t think it’s unreasonable for people to be upset when they couldn’t play at 12:01 entirely due to the decision not to include it.

  4. i didnt get time to play until thursday, and i have had 0 issues since it started, a few times i lost connection but i didnt lose battlenet connection. 

  5. As a customer when I buy something I expect it to work right because I paid you to make it happen. If it doesn’t happen people have every right to complain. Thankfully though it seems things are getting alot better in regards to server stability.

  6. I agree with Azzure on the itemization problem.  In a game where the item hunt is just about the whole point of playing, the fact that Blizzard waited until the last minute to create the item system, that’s really really sad.  Its like they got together in a single afternoon, made up a list of item affixes, stuck them on Rares and Legendaries, and called it good.


    I agree that Rares should be on-par with Legendaries, and that a perfectly-rolled rare could be better than a Legendary.  But I’m disappointed at how completely lackluster the Legendaries are.  I’m not saying make them overpowered, but give them unique flavor affixes that make their rarity actually worth something.

    A note on the Wizard Energy Armor build:  I don’t see it as an exploit.  Its only useful against single-target bosses.  But if the Wizard goes up against more than a few enemies in Inferno, he gets absolutely destroyed.  This is because life regeneration ticks twice(?) per second, but several enemies can hit much faster (and harder) than that.  Even with lots of life leech, the build is not overpowered.  Or am I missing something?   

  7. OMG, They ran out of time? Really? TEN YEARS, buddy. We’re talking Duke Nukem Forever time, only with one developer. BTW, how long did it take to make Torchlight, from scratch?

    And another thing:What is your estimate of D3 Sales for the first 24 hours? A million dollars? Ok: How much does a server cost?

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