Our Diablo III predictions podcast includes short conversations with eight members of the Diablo community, as they predict how the Diablo III experience will unfold. Not every guest was asked exactly the same questions, but most of them got most of the questions, which included the following:

    Name the most and least popular classes shortly after launch. Will they differ for hardcore? Will there be a major hack or cheat or dupe or other problem requiring a patch fix within the first few months. Will Followers be essential, irrelevant, or something in between in Hell and Inferno? Will the RMAH take off with players paying up to the $250 max price cap within the first month? How long will players take to beat Inferno softcore and Hardcore? When will PvP be patched in? When will D3X be announced and when released? Can you make a bold prediction for the 6th class?

    Approximate starting times for the various segments:

  • 1:50 — Azzure’s predictions.
  • 8:00 — The Eliminator’s predictions.
  • 14:30 — Xanth’s predictions.
  • 20:45 — MrFrye’s predictions.
  • 24:30 — Exile’s predictions.
  • 32:35 — Grug’s predictions.
  • 38:45 — Neinball’s predictions.
  • 44:00 — Wolfpaq’s predictions.
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