The Diablo Podcast #67: Diablo 3 Bold Predictions

Our Diablo III predictions podcast includes short conversations with eight members of the Diablo community, as they predict how the Diablo III experience will unfold. Not every guest was asked exactly the same questions, but most of them got most of the questions, which included the following:

Name the most and least popular classes shortly after launch. Will they differ for hardcore? Will there be a major hack or cheat or dupe or other problem requiring a patch fix within the first few months. Will Followers be essential, irrelevant, or something in between in Hell and Inferno? Will the RMAH take off with players paying up to the $250 max price cap within the first month? How long will players take to beat Inferno softcore and Hardcore? When will PvP be patched in? When will D3X be announced and when released? Can you make a bold prediction for the 6th class?

Approximate starting times for the various segments:

  • 1:50 — Azzure’s predictions.
  • 8:00 — The Eliminator’s predictions.
  • 14:30 — Xanth’s predictions.
  • 20:45 — MrFrye’s predictions.
  • 24:30 — Exile’s predictions.
  • 32:35 — Grug’s predictions.
  • 38:45 — Neinball’s predictions.
  • 44:00 — Wolfpaq’s predictions.
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    9 thoughts on “The Diablo Podcast #67: Diablo 3 Bold Predictions

    1. Personally I’m not a fan of this format, as it felt really repetitive after the second or third time, and some guests are great, some not as interesting in the way they answer things.

      Also there’s really no chance for a discussion to really get going with multiple inputs (since it’s all one on one) which is the best part of podcasts, in my opinion.

    2. I agree with dolicsehrant and Leopard.  The format is fine and it works but it does get a little repetitive.  Leopard is correct you need multiple guess bouncing their wrong 😆 (ha!) opinions!
      Maybe pair the guest?  Who knows.

    3. This format is fine once in a while when you want to get honest opinion from the speakers (such as whether any class or skill is too strong or too weak), but I think in general it’s better to have them all conversing together.

    4. So that sounds like 2 against, 1 for, and one undecided.  The YT comments are more for it than against it, though total views is much lower than usual, no doubt due to the fact that there’s like, a game to play.

      Honestly, I got a little bored the repetition while listening to them while I edited the show. And I edited it very tightly; the actual recordings were 9-14m each. 

      I thought this was interesting to experiment with one time, and I wanted to include a wide variety of guests for their predictions. Which meant that each guest had to go real quickly, and having 2 or 3 at once discussing things would have made it last way too long.  I dropped some of the questions as I went through the interviews, and edited out some of them as well. Basically everyone said the same thing about “when pvp will be enabled” for instance, and I don’t think it’s possible to give an intrinsically interesting answer to that question.

      In general, I agree with Leopard that the conversations and digressions and  redirections are what makes the show interesting, since you don’t know where the discussion is going to go. If I do another series of predictions/questions type show, I think I’ll get very short written replies from everyone, and then on the actual recording just do 2 or 3 topics with paired guests, for the conversational style that I prefer.

    5. I didn’t enjoy the format as well. It seemed rushed and the 1v1 conversations aren’t as enjoyable as the group discussion.

    6. The show was amusing enough but the timing of the release seemed wrong, this should have come out the night before release. When I downloaded this show I was quite excited to listen because I was expecting the predictions to be ‘after 1 day of playing, here is what I think the future of the game will be’, how long it will take them to fix the servers? etc. It was funny listening to everyone saying Inferno would take a month while a team was already near the end.

      • That was the original time schedule, but I recorded the last 2 the night before launch, and then things were too busy to get back and edit those in with the rest and encode the video. Besides, who would have listened to it that night, with D3 to play?

        Well, perhaps something to do during Error 37 refreshes…

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