The Diablo Podcast #65: Character Customization and Release Plans

Flux is joined by Wolfpaq and Neinball to talk about Wolfpaq’s big and controversial forum list of ways D3 is better than D2. Character customization re: a recent Bashiok debate is also discussed; will we miss skill and custom stat points?

The guys also talk about recent beta play experiences with the test coming to an end, their plans for release day play/spoiler avoidance, and their first class selections.

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26 thoughts on “The Diablo Podcast #65: Character Customization and Release Plans

        • I have no idea what Ray Romano sounds like, but Neinball’s been on probably 20 episodes so far, and no one else has ever made that assertion.

          Thus I conclude you are 1) totally baked, and 2) sitting through an Everyone Loves Raymond marathon.

          • 1- I wish I was. 2 – I am not, and wtf son, you seriously haven’t ever heard that guys voice? 

            You can’t deny the similarity.

          • I watch almost no TV, and zero sitcoms. Not in decades. I’ve probably heard 10 seconds of Ray on Letterman or something over the years, but not enough to have any distinct memory.

        • I’ve been told I do a mean Arnold Schwarznegger impression but never Ray Romano, so that’s definitely a first for me.

  1. I didnt listen to the podcast, just saw the title and that made think again: why… if you have an elective mode for skills, why can’t you have elective mode for the stats? I mean, its just an option, they could do it as they did with the skill, like hid it because they think their way is better. Man, just the option would make a lot of other builds possible. I don’t know if that was mentioned in the podcast or if other people have asked this before, but can’t we make a petition or at least a lot of that in the forums, I saying this because I don’t think anyone would oppose it. If you don’t want, don’t use it…

    • pls, guys, lets try to make some noise about this., if anyone is still up for it, since this fight is kinda old. I just saw a video of a meelee demon hunter, it had potential but with every point allocated to dex instead of strength it becomes something impossible.

      • You can say that about every variant played in any way differing from the class default. Bliz insists that won’t matter and that equipment can overcome all such handicaps, and in any event it’s worth it to keep noobs from a few levels of confusion.

        You are, naturally, free to disagree with that assessment.

        • They argued a lot about not implementing everything people ask.. well, it so happens that autostats isn’t anything, it is not a simple whim, it is as far as I know, something that displeased the majority of this community, and it was for a long time subject to controversy, and it is a simple option that made avaible would please everyone. This, in my opinion, is something worth making some noise.
          They have this thing you said about trying to make the game very approachable, sometimes (or evertime) holding your hand at every turn as to not provoke people into comminting mistakes, such as choosing every skill to be spender or every skill to be a utility skill, by making the skill system like it is, so every character would be functional in a general sense… to achieve that, they made this system the default. But, they ended up making elective mode, something for “advanced” players who would want to experiment. By making elective mode avaible for both systems it would serve the same purpose they are aiming for, and with the addition of making everyone happy (about this subject in particular, at least). That would obviously even add to what they like to advertise to exaustion: tons and tons of customization.
          My problem is that this limitation, and this not something new to anyone, lowers the viability of odd builds.
          What pains me the most is that this is something easily accomplished with little work. I’m not a programmer, but It doest seem something that they would have revise the whole game to add it. Bottomline: this just a simple check box, a few extra “+” buttons, with some lines of programming that would solve a lot of issues such as it would increase the longevity of the game, customization, would give back something long known to the fans, would end a controversy, would extingish that “what if they hadnt changed that” feeling, would cost them little (a simple post release patch would do it), would still maintain their goal of aprochability (idk if that word exists) etc…

          • Have you even looked at the stats endgame or the gear? You get like what? 6 statpoints every level up? 
            That is 360 points and half of which are already automatically put into your main stat. One friggin piece of armor will probably have more than a 100 of 1 stat at 60. Stop whining about those few autostats as if it were the staple of customization.

  2. customization, e.g. body size, breast size, atm length, mustache, skin color, etc.
    or just different styles of armor?

    • Tons and tons of armor and dye stuff. Character stuf won’t come since it would be pretty pointless considering the isometric view and wearing armor.

  3. Neinball was right, Flux, there are level restrictions on Matchmaking/joining quests in public games. It was in the beta too, although sometimes it bugged out and placed you in the wrong quest. So you can’t be level 40 and join the level 2 guys on “The Fallen Star”. When you got to level 13 in the beta, you could only join public games on “Reign of the Black King”. You could, however, start a game on any quest at any level (and then make it a public game).

  4. If you could list the time and date the podcast was recorded I would really appreciate that. At times it can be unclear what news-posts I can expect the contributors to have read.

  5. ~20:00 – There were level caps in the beta… sortof. You couldn’t join a public game for the starting 2 quests once you were too high level, but you could start a quest at that level and then open it up to the public.

    In essence, the matchmaking system tries to restrict you to stuff that’s appropriate for your level, but if you really want to you can join whatever sort of game you want. 

    • ~40:00 – They’ve made elements of WoW more “casual-friendly”, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t still room for much more “serious” play. The talent system wasn’t changed to make things more casual – it was changed because the current talent system was broken and pointless. Thus, this feature being similar to D3 doesn’t mean that this feature is intended to be “casual-friendly” in D3.

      The sorts of changes that are more “casual friendly” in WoW are: changing point-earning caps to weekly instead of daily, so you can do all of your playing on the weekend instead of having to log in every day; speeding up the experience grind from 1-60 and making that a better experience overall; introducing a new, casual raid difficulty which allows casual players to see raid content without making the hard raid content any less challenging.

    • Very well.

      David Sirlin had this to say about D3’s customization:

      It’s great, has TONS of options for customization, and doesn’t suffer the various pitfalls of D2’s system, many of which were backwards and antiquated even on D2’s release. And while D3 may not appeal to everyone, many of its critics — some with undeserved clout — are making faulty arguments against.

  6. I wish there was more customization in D3 late game.  Based on everything I’ve seen so far, it seems like a large step backwards.  As far as Wolfpaq’s “arguements” are concerned…it’d be nice if he didn’t dismiss everyone’s opinions as garbage all the while spouting his own “opinions” as fact…

    • There’s tons of customization in D3. I’m not sure how the millions of possible skill/rune/gear combos aren’t customization, not to mention considerations for teams, solo play w/ NPC companions, etc.

      D3’s design is actually a large step forward, as by dumping pointless “customization” options from D2 that *aren’t actually customization* (STR for gear, DEX for block, no Energy, VIT for everything else, CUSTOMIZATION!), we actually get to meaningful choices.

      Opinions are great, when they’re well-formed and backed by reasonable argument. Very few opinions on how D3 is bad for gaming/the series/Blizzard/whatever are well-formed, and worthy of being dismissed as trash.

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