Flux is joined by Neinball, Exile, The Eliminator, and Wolfpaq to discuss all five character classes in the Diablo III beta. All the classes saw big changes in the DiabloWikiBeta Patch 13, and after a week of running numerous characters through to level 13, the guys are ready to debate the pros and cons of everything, single out their favorite skills and skill runes, talk about itemization and play variety, and much more.

    The podcast is sorted by topic so you can skip to the classes you like, or skip over the ones you don’t care for. Here’s the discussion order, with approximate time stamps:

    • 0-10:30 — Flux, Neinball, and Exile cover a general discussion of the new DiabloWikiskillrune system, the elimination of the DiabloWikideadzone, the new necessity of playing to 60 to try all the runes, and share their general dislike for the new skill UI. Bonus fun from Exile as he describes his total non-gamer girlfriend’s experience with the Diablo III Beta.
    • 10:30: DiabloWikiWizard discussion commences with Flux, Neinball, and Exile. Everyone loves the Wizard.
    • 22:00 — DiabloWikiBarbarian discussion with Flux, Neinball, and Exile. Opinions are mixed on the class.
    • 35:00 — DiabloWikiDemon Hunter discussion, with Wolfpaq replacing Exile. The class is much improved in patch 13.
    • 51:00 — DiabloWikiMonk discussion with The Eliminator taking Wolfpaq’s spot. Opinions differ on the repetitive play nature of the class.
    • 65:00 — DiabloWikiWitch Doctor discussion with Neinball, The Eliminator, and Flux. Everyone agrees the class is very strong.
    • 76:00 — DiabloWikiRelease Date predictions and bovine sound effects..
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