The Diablo Podcast #60: Beta Patch 13 Class Discussion

Flux is joined by Neinball, Exile, The Eliminator, and Wolfpaq to discuss all five character classes in the Diablo III beta. All the classes saw big changes in the DiabloWikiBeta Patch 13, and after a week of running numerous characters through to level 13, the guys are ready to debate the pros and cons of everything, single out their favorite skills and skill runes, talk about itemization and play variety, and much more.

The podcast is sorted by topic so you can skip to the classes you like, or skip over the ones you don’t care for. Here’s the discussion order, with approximate time stamps:

  • 0-10:30 — Flux, Neinball, and Exile cover a general discussion of the new DiabloWikiskillrune system, the elimination of the DiabloWikideadzone, the new necessity of playing to 60 to try all the runes, and share their general dislike for the new skill UI. Bonus fun from Exile as he describes his total non-gamer girlfriend’s experience with the Diablo III Beta.
  • 10:30: DiabloWikiWizard discussion commences with Flux, Neinball, and Exile. Everyone loves the Wizard.
  • 22:00 — DiabloWikiBarbarian discussion with Flux, Neinball, and Exile. Opinions are mixed on the class.
  • 35:00 — DiabloWikiDemon Hunter discussion, with Wolfpaq replacing Exile. The class is much improved in patch 13.
  • 51:00 — DiabloWikiMonk discussion with The Eliminator taking Wolfpaq’s spot. Opinions differ on the repetitive play nature of the class.
  • 65:00 — DiabloWikiWitch Doctor discussion with Neinball, The Eliminator, and Flux. Everyone agrees the class is very strong.
  • 76:00 — DiabloWikiRelease Date predictions and bovine sound effects..
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8 thoughts on “The Diablo Podcast #60: Beta Patch 13 Class Discussion

    • I’ve included some vague ones in the past, but generally the shows are more free wheeling and conversational, so not real divided up into discrete blocks.

      This one’s format was somewhat uniquely suited to the quick directory, but I can attempt to put in some general time stamps on future shows.

  1. if there a way others could possibly join in on the podcast as a guest or something and if so how would one go about it?

    • Send me a PM or email with some mention of your qualifications and details about what you want to talk about. Quite recently, just 3 or 4 shows ago, Bladelaw made his debut after contacting me in just that fashion. 

      If someone mails and says, “I want to talk about beta stuff…”that’s not really going to wow me with interest. Mention specific topics we haven’t done a lot of, or at least a unique take or opinion on other issues, etc.  And as should be obvious from listening to the shows, I’m not real interested in consensus or agreement; a much better show comes from discussion and debate. So have opinions about things that aren’t exactly the same as my own.

      No idea if this is you, but I think talking to an super enthusiastic bliz fanboy would be interesting at some point; providing that person had any ability to tie logic to their devotion.

  2. Hey flux, I enjoy the podcast. I’ve had access to the beta for the last 4-5 patches or so and just wanted to add some of my comments. I agree the game is easy at this point but I don’t think that it’s so easy it’s not enjoyable. I’ve found I’m usually level 8-10 by the time I beat the skeleton king for the first time and it’s easy enough that I only rarely have to use a potion on the first play through. Now, if you continue to pay that character or level to 13 and keep playing it becomes ridiculously easy but i think at that point you’ve outplayed the content. I agree with Baishok here in that this is such a small portion of the game and the fact that I’ve leveled up every character multiple times argues that this game is indeed fun. I like the mechanics and I think that’s all we can judge at this point. Maybe the game will be too easy but until I see the harder difficulties I think it’s u fair to judge..

    UI: I see where they are trying to go here but I do not think its well implemented yet. Its to hard to pick the skills you want even with elective mode. I found this the most difficult with the witch doctor when I wanted my blow dart skill, corpse spiders and the grasping death spell. So, hopefully there is ore incoming o the UI.

    RUNES: I like the runes. When I first played and learned of the dead zone I was a little miffed. I was still going to buy the game but leveling just to get a level is no where near as fun. I like that the dead zone is now somewhat filled. I hope they keep some sort of find objective with the runes in place and I don’t think it’s been ruled Out. What is see happening is some sort of \rune shard. Type item. This would only be found in inferno difficulty and would start to level up the runes. I see it as being permanent so there wouldn’t be an inventory problem. I think this will happen for 2 reasons. 1st these items would provide an excellent upgrade opportunities that would allow further customization options. 2nd because they would be tradable and highly sought after they would make excellent auction house items that would likely be one of the mouse traded items I. Both the gold and real money AH. I  think the runes would like be able to be upgraded 2-3 times. However, I haven’t heard or en anything to back this up. 

    Black mushroom:  have you guys picked this item up?  It’s not tradable. I have no idea what it’s for.

    Release date:  I think these mid April rumors have legs.

    Multiplayer:  the multiplayer (I’ve only played with random people) is fairly nice. I very,very rarely played mp in D2. Most online games have no accountability and people are not trustable to play with. However, in D3 the system is nice, and convenient enough that it’s nice to get into a game and do a few quests. It would. E particularly nice if you were struggling on a quest (hello ancients with ranged character). I look forward to trying the game with some of my RL friends to see how well it well work. 

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