Flux is joined by aspiring game developer Grug, and D3 econ guru Azzure to talk about the brand new Beta patch 13. All the guys got in some play testing time Saturday night, and by Sunday they were ready to weigh in on the major game system changes. The biggest, of course, is the new skills system, which integrates runestones right into the interface. Azzure accurately predicted this system several weeks back, and after his verbal victory lap, the discussion turns to the nuts and bolts of the new system. How does it work in practice, what’s wrong with the UI, how will this system play out long term and in the end game, what does this do to character customization, is it really casual-friendly, and more.

    Other topics covered on this show include the new Diablo III B.net chat channels, item variety in Diablo 3, general gameplay and monster improvements in this patch, and discussion of some specific class improvements and changes.

    Grug and Azzure are both very into game dev theory and design, so they both make some good and insightful comments and provide nice analysis of the nuts and bolts of the game’s new functions.

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