The Diablo Podcast #58: Beta, Fatalities, and Delays

Flux is joined by regular contributor The Eliminator, plus Bladelaw makes his Diablo Podcast debut, bringing a wide variety of topics and opinions to the debate. The guys talk beta experiences, with Bladelaw giving his first reactions and thoughts on the various classes and the (non) difficulty issue, plus Eliminator shares some of the recent exploits of his naked Barbarian.

Other topics covered include non-surprise at the latest slipped release date, concerns and hopes for the game ultimately becoming difficult in Inferno, issues with the removal of player fatalities, expectations for the upcoming skill/runestone revision, and more.

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30 thoughts on “The Diablo Podcast #58: Beta, Fatalities, and Delays

  1. Completely agree with this podcast, about the choose character screen and their disappointments etc. I wonder what happened to the skeleton kings tripple swing attack? I hope that is still in the game somewhere (maybe an inferno ability now). Especially good point about the 4 year old vid and how it sold the game to everyone then later to be crushed by the features not even being there. Great ep, thanks

  2. About casual and not completing game,

    I’m a hardcore gamer. When I start playing a game, I play it a lot, but if I look at my Steam game list, I’ve only completed 5% of those, and I’ve only played 30% of them. Not completing a game does not mean the gamer is casual or doesn’t have enough time. I just don’t care enough to complete the game :/ 

  3. “Good gear really meant something”

    What the hell? What are you high? Everyone had the best gear in the game due to duping. The fact that everyone is gonna have to find the gear legitimately in D3 makes gear mean 10x more than it ever meant in D2. Not everyone is going to go around wearing crazy shit. This podcast sucked. Getting sick of hearing these guys piss and moan about a game that isn’t out yet, talking about how good D2 was while never acknowledging it’s MANY weaknesses. This podcast is the sign of gamers aging negatively. Everything old was better. Everything new sucks. We fear change. No game will ever recapture the magic that D2 had for these guys and they can’t live with it.

    Go get new hobbies. D2 was the peak for you.

    Pk and PKK sucked ass btw.

    Keep judging the games difficulty without having any experience with the final game. You guys really know the whole deal.

    • I am not high, promise 🙂  

      Just because you didn’t like PK, doesn’t mean there weren’t many others who did.

      I’m not sure which of D2’s specific weaknesses you wanted us to mention.   However, many of those perceived weaknesses, are part of what made it great (namely, competition) .  Duping and botting came about due to the items being so desired and valuable.   Which, was due to the core game being so enjoyable. 

      D2 would not have endured 10 years without the ability to play the way we wanted to play…a quality being removed from D3 more and more each update.

      • I really fail to see what ‘competition’ means in D2. It wasn’t an e-sport. Was it hunt for good items? Which was completely random and you could potentially spent hourse killing bosses and not getting anything valuable or at the same time you could get a SoJ on a first boss kill. The only thing that could vaguely fit the bill for a competition was the ladder, which was only a competetion for the guys with the most free time…

        “Which, was due to the core game being so enjoyable. ” Yet, you complain about casters depending on their weapons for damage, while it was an obvious design flaw to make classes not really care about their weapons.

        Edit: And D2 didn’t have real money markets for items… oh wait, you even participated in those, so you should know that people will pay $ for gear no matter what.

        • When I talk about competition in D2, yes I’m talking about drops, PvP, PK, ladder, everything.
          I’m not clear what point you’re making?   

          • The competition in D2 revolves around personal sense of achievement. The only thing that tracks your progress is the ladder, which is only limited to recording the leveling progress (about which I’ve expressed my opinion in the post above). And for PvP you have ears, and since they take up inventory space, they are crap. Also Diablo was never a true competitive game and never will be, so I don’t know where you get your illusions about competition from…

  4. The “(non) difficulty issue” – more like difficulty non-issue, am I right?
    I am right, here’s why: Go back to Diablo 2 Vanilla (not LoD, get the retail disk of Diablo 2), run to Blood Raven (collecting at least a few descent items along the way as itemization in Diablo 3 is a lot different than Diablo 2) and see how long it takes for you to die to her, even if you get surrounded. Better yet, go after Countess – that’ll give you at least some time to have a bit better items and gain a few more levels. Countess is probably more fitting to compare Skeleton King to too, since he’s not act-boss but it does take more time to get to him than it does to Blood Raven.

    I won’t tell you just how easy that content is, go ahead – try it.

    I do not understand how you propose to know the difficulty of a game based entirely on content that’s not meant to tax anything besides Blizzards servers with as many logged-on users as possible (eg. stresstest, the purpose of this beta).
    Speaking of stresstest, I don’t know anyone who was involved with the Diablo 2 stresstest back in 1998/1999 (with actual proof thereof), but I would love to hear their thoughts on difficulty of the game they tried vs. final retail game including all three difficulties.

    EDIT: Edited the post, fixed grammar.

  5. I feel so bad for everyone in that podcast, seriously… How can you even call this a fansite? No wonder Blizzard doesn’t support you guys. 

    Watch that, start at 40:20, just take 5 minutes and watch it, then think a bit, take off you tinfoil hats and try to actually use your brain for once.

    You guys speak out so much against Blizzard and how they treat you and how their PR forces fan sites to speak what they want… That’s not really true, they want fan sites to speak the truth. You blame other sites of spreading propaganda, but that’s exactly what you always do.

    I’m curious to see if you guys can take criticism  

    • Thanks for listening.  You are entitled to your opinion, as I am mine. 
      That’s what makes this site great, and different from the other D3 fan sites.  Criticism is healthy, and comes from a place of caring about this game.  If you want to hear re-affirming sound bytes re-iterating the company line, why not listen to those podcasts instead?
      We’ve already heard the company line you’re pointing out regarding concerns over lack of the difficulty.  Just because Blizzard says it, or intends something, does not make it true.  We can count plenty such examples over the development thus far.   
      I hope you’re right.  But experience, odds, first hand playtime, and my gut tell me otherwise.  But I hope you’re right.

    • What a bizarre post 🙂 Just surprised to even see you on this site posting, not with the sentiment though, that’s would be a given.

      Thanks for the feedback though.

    • That’s not really true, they want fan sites to speak the truth.

      Im just curious m8 🙂 How do we decide what’s the truth and what’s not?
      Im thinking Elly with her awesome podcast voice (please have dinner with me O.o), Flux, Nizaris etc. are doing a decent job making sure this site contains more than just fanboy news posts.

      Do i think Inc Crew, is at their best all the time? Hell no.
      But they sure do try 😉   

    • @ Rorance
      Provide me with a link to any “Blizzard Approved” fansite article that brings up any controversial issue or dissent about Diablo 3, analyzes it, or spurs discussion around it.
      Didn’t think so. Because they are not allowed to or else they get kicked out of the Love Circle. Hence why they commonly (and quite accurately) referred to as Fawnsites.

      This is by far the most popular Diablo site on the web. Why? Because its a place where real topics are discussed and shared with the community. Where peoples opinions are expressed without censorship. It is an honest and open community, which isn’t tainted by corporate PR motives and marketing strategies.

      It doesn’t take a genius to see that “Blizzard Approved” fansites never have or never will voice any dissent or potentially controversial issues about Diablo 3. You are welcome to return to your Blizzard PR approved fawnsite and receive your daily dose of spoon-fed positive marketing material if you don’t like it here.

      • Yeah let’s go against the grain and show blizz how tough we are! Let’s criticize every single move they make before we’ve even had a chance to play it. We are hardcore in here! (*&^ blizz!


  6. Calm down people, you realize they criticize the game because they care don’t you? If they didn’t love the game and want it to succeed and be an improvement upon D1 and D2 in every aspect then they wouldn’t be here. Enjoyed the cast, its to bad there isn’t much to really talk about. I expect some more interesting discussion when they release the skill/rune changes. 8)

  7. LOL the funniest item i have ever heard “Bobby’s Eyes Amulet…+5000% gold find”

    Flux you crack me up! 

    • I burst out laughing too when I heard this. The end of the podcast was pretty hilarious. Unnnnnnncllllle. rofl.

  8. @Azzure

    Couldnt have said it better. I dont always agree with Azzure, and thats OK. The open forum that IncGamers puts together for us to discuss controversial topics is not only a luxury, but some may argue a necessity. I have seen some of the most insightful information and strategies come from heated debates. I welcome differing opinions, especially in a medium where the goal of all parties is a better game and a better community. 

  9. A point on the whole ‘you can die in one shot!’

    ummm isn’t that exactly what they said they were trying to get rid of… they wanted to add difficulty in a different manner.

  10. Very well spoken points were brought up as to the lazy mutilation of a once great game.  I will be using a point or two from this podcast to sharpen my argument in an upcoming vicious, but intelligent, post in a couple days targeted directly at Bashiok.  It promises to get his and Jay’s attention…

  11. argument for “D3 = shi_t because easy”:
    # most D3-things we know are very casual friendly
    # WoW is (as i heard) much to easy for non-casuals

    argument against “D3 = shi_t because easy”
    # they want people to use RMAH, and they wont do that if they can beat the game without good items 

  12. I dunno if I’m casual or not. When I buy a good game I tend to play it a lot, really a lot, but that’s like 1 game a year (last on was fallout 3 goty, currently skyrim). Then sometimes I buy a game and play it twice. That’s also about 1 game a year. I’ll be playing diablo a lot, hopefully.

  13. One point that I take away from the podcast is that how Blizz is behaving in terms of being a business is totally unacceptable.  If Apple told the public that the new iCrap is coming out on a certain date, it better come out, or someone is going to get the axe.  Or worse, it can allow competition like Sony or Samsung to come in and clean the market.  I played D1 in HS and D2 in college, now as a working professional, it is astonding that Blizz’s project management process is this messed up.  If there is another game out there that can compete with Diablo, trust me, Blizz will have the game out asap, finished or not!  Blizzard is in a lucky position that they can do whatever they want.  But in a more competitive business environment, this business behavior from Blizz will destroy the company, even if the games they make are top of line.  Example:  Look at COD vs. Battlefield.  You think one of them will miss a release date?  Forget about it.  There is a saying that when you do something that is being constrained or confined, you become more creative.  I think sometimes that having a hard release date might do Blizz some good. 

    • Yep, it makes me sick to see D3 designed for moms. 
      Trying to please everybody.  Just another way of selling out.  Like post Black album Metallica.  Sure they sold records, but did their true blue fans ever see them the same way again? 
      Money can buy lots of things, but it can’t fix a tarnished reputation. 

      • But that’s about D2 being accessible even for moms, not D3.
        And as the hardcore gamer you state you are, why are you bothered if Normal is too easy? The higher difficulties are the ones made to cater for the hardcore gamers, not Normal. You will be spending more time playing on Hell or Inferno, rather than leveling through Normal.

        • I’m bothered by EZmode (normal) so much because I’m forced to faceroll my way through it. 
          If the real game begins at Nightmare, then normal is just fluff for players who prefer a challenge.

  14. Even though I intelligently made my points with objective and even constructive criticism, my post was deleted after 5 pages (with a fair amount of positive support) by jack booted forum enforcers who felt otherwise.  If you have a strong opinion, you won’t make it in the official forums.  I find myself insulted enough to toss the idea around of not even purchasing the game.  Not that I think they’ll care, they’ll soon be flush with the cash of the WoW crowd who have hijacked a once great franchise.  I’ll put on a black armband, hang my dead, and mourn the passing of blizzard north who cared enough to try to balance a very complicated game…  even if they failed in some areas. 

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