The 57th installment of The Diablo Podcast is now online for your listening pleasure. On this show Flux is joined by Azzure and Neinball to discuss the Diablo 3 beta patch 10.

    Last week’s big patch brought huge changes to the crafting system, changes to item mods and drop frequency, the removal of value from white items (and clickable bookcases), the sudden and tragic (YMMV) end to gold pets, an overhaul of attributes, a big decrease in difficulty thanks to much higher character hit points, many interface changes, and more. What do the guys think of all those issues, after a week of testing? How do they rate it on the whole? Are the other game changes enough to offset the “it’s not really a game anymore” difficulty nerfing?

    Bonus discussion topics near the end of the show include feelings about Blizzcon 2012 being cancelled, and Azzure’s radical anti-itemization theory about the massive changes coming to skills and skill runes.

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