The Diablo Podcast #56: Big System Changes

Wolfpaq and The Eliminator join Flux to talk over all the newly-revealed system changes in Diablo III. Everything new is discussed, including the removal of ID scrolls, the Nephalem Cube, and the Stone of Recall, the changes to crafting recipes and materials, and the complete revamping of the Attribute system. The guys also share some interesting stories from their recent beta testing experiments, and Eliminator floats outrageous rumors about Blizzard hirings and firings.

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This show was recorded the day before the beta 10 patch was released, so most of the conversation is speculative. We’ll post a follow up show next week with first hand reactions to playing the beta in the new patch with all the changes in effect.

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  1. What’s the point in speculating about a patch that has gone live in the meantime? I don’t get it …

  2. @Flux: Don’t you think there are “unbalanced stats” now? I mean there are about 1 000 000 000 defensive stats – armor, dodge, block, missile/melee damage reduction, resistances, … and when you attack you have 1 core stat and critical strike. They have no DW, no CB, etc. You have about 20 options how to reduce the attack but let’s say one and a half how to improve it. And you have 3 core defensive stats and 1 offensive instead of 2 offensive vs. 2 defensive. What’s your opinion?

    • Yeah, but the attack stat affects every dmg, while teh defence stats each afect a different source of dmg…
      And actually that in no way affects being balanced, just makes it a little more work to do it then if there was one stat for all def and one for attack… but then you’d lose a lot of diversity…
      While making more stats for attack would likely make it to complex to balance in a short enough time that they don’t delay the game again…

  3. Always happy to stay a while and listen.

  4. What the Blizzard Diablo-Team doesn´t seem to understand, but are perhaps bitterly learning right now is that they are not fiddling with a linear system but the very opposite. Most of the Diablo Systems impact on other features if they get changed. It´s like when You cook. You spice Your meal and cook. You may add a grain of salt here and there but if the mixture isn´t right, You will NEVER get the right taste again if You start to wholly re-spice Your meal. Since the year began we have heard a lot of: We have changed this and now that these changes apply we have found out that A,B and C are not necessary/have to be changed/must be completely overhauled. They completely seem to fail to understand that A,B and C lead to OTHER stuff at completely different corners of the game that then ALSO have to be changed/removed/overhauled and ad infinitum…It seems You can´t change one system for itself. It alters too many other variables. And since it is very hard to take one step back if You are ears deep in construction/inventing they might be caught in a maze. I am seriously concerned that they totally have lost aim and their complete respicing is destroying what they aimed to be a perfect piece of art. Which, Alas, will never be so long as this world lasts. Perfection is an ideal to work towards not someting You can possibly create.

  5. Ummm I would bother listening to this if it was made after the patch took place….imo poor decision to run with this before the actual patch drop because its outdated speculation

  6. Sorry I dont mean to be negative, i know editing and uploading these things can take time, but perhaps next time its worth planning better

    • This is my issue exactly. They made some high-and-lofty objectives but they never thought HOW that might impact the gameplay in the long run. They wanted to remove TPs but never foresaw that it might cause player burnout. They wanted to use Attack as a cross-class stat but never thought it would make players all chase the same item. The solution of cooldowns, as Fluz brutally but rightly says, was right before their eyes all the time. And now they’ve put everything back with cooldowns to remove exploits. DID THIS SIMPLE IDEA SERIOUSLY NOT OCCUR TO THEM YEARS AGO?
      God, think of the time wasted in uselessness. The “content” side of the game was finished ages ago…I did not complain then as I felt they were going to use the time to crank out some awesome new systems. I feel sad now to think that probably a year of just tinkering with the “systems” has ultimately caused them to remove innovation and not innovate more.

  7. lol thats why they simplified everything… for the barbarian lovers.

  8. Ar-tee-zhans. GD-it! Haha!

  9. You guys should get me on the next podcast.

    I can be quite entertaining after a few vodka cranberries.

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