The Diablo Podcast #55: The Big Beta Debate, Part 2

In part two of our big beta debate, Xanth and Neinball join Flux in a discussion of numerous current issues from the Diablo 3 Beta, as well as some general Diablo 3 conversation. A couple of topics from the last show are revisited to let the new guests offer their opinions on their favorite D3 chars and comparisons to their Diablo 2 preferences. New topics include evaluations of the atmosphere in Diablo 3, discussion of the numerous Diablo I homages seen in the beta, playing Hardcore right from the start, if D3 offers a compelling reason to play MP games, and more.

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18 thoughts on “The Diablo Podcast #55: The Big Beta Debate, Part 2

  1. My theory on why you can’t start off with Hardcore? There’s no RMAH to be had in that mode. Just a thought ;P

    • î think thats a plausible train of thought – i mean once you beaten it with a character – you are likely to be emotionally attached to it to a degree – thus you are maybe inclined to say neeeh i just continue with that character for now… oh look there free rmah listings – and thus the downward spiral has begun !

  2. Most recent raid, Dragon soul, has been getting boring very quickly, much quicker than expected

    Christ that doesn’t sound good. I played all through Wrath and had a look at Cataclysm when that was released but I think I dropped it after 2 months. I expect this game to be a lot better than wow, I hope so.

  3. Love your podcasts Flux. Keep up the good work. 🙂

    Sounds like the beta is due some major revisions in the near future, so could be interesting to do a follow up podcast once it has been patched to review if they are changes for the better or not.

  4. Fantastic show as always. I wonder if I can get some clarification on the latency in beta. Last year people talked about the combat being localised but I haven’t heard any more about that.

    I’m English playing from mainland China.

  5. Xanth brought up the point that there is no chat room to go ask people for hand me downs, but there is hardly going to be a need for that in D3 due to the Artisans and shared stash.   If you have a lvl 50 hardcore character die on you all you have to do is have your lvl one character pop by the Artisans and gear up.

    • True, and HC players will be socking away useful twinks in the shared stash all the time, but those hardly provide the social opportunity for commiseration that “just died 77 :(” games were in D2 For better or worse.

  6. Good podcast. I wish this game came out because this speculation is exhausting.
    P.S. PUGs suck, no matter what game you’re playing. 🙁

  7. I agree with the “not being able to name a game that you start” feels very strange/ cloisterphobic. Also removes the fun of multiplayer… I liked helping peeps who just lost there HC character, by rushing or giving them a few items… I think this really sucks, and makes me not very excited about this game anymore… I’ll still play, but **** come on!

  8. I’ve found it odd that Blizzard has advertized: Bnet 2.0  blah blah new platform to lead you into the social network of gaming future blah blah.

    And yet they have essentially eliminated chat, and it seems that their ‘features’ actually limit socialization and make players feel more isolated than ever.

  9. Since recording this podcast I’ve finally gotten into the beta and I recant everything I said about not being interested in the Witch Doctor, they rock.  Still haven’t play the Wiz or Barb yet but the WD is a pretty easy contender for my second character now.

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