The Diablo Podcast #54: The Big Beta Debate, Part 1

After a holiday break, the Diablo Podcast returns with a big new show. In this episode, Flux discusses the Diablo 3 Beta with Wolfpaq and The Eliminator. Both guests gained their beta access fairly recently, so the experience is still new and shiny to them. The main topic of debate is the “it’s too easy” issue, and there’s also conversation on how everyone’s Diablo 2 play styles are translating into Diablo 3, the problems with the beta version of the Auction House, everyone’s favorite classes and skills, crafting and item balance, sound effects and music, appropriate gender choices for each class, and the usual bad jokes and sarcasm you’ve come to know and love.

With so many big issues worth discussing in the beta, we’ll be recording a second part of this show over the weekend and posting it early next week. It will feature two new guests and cover numerous topics not addressed in this episode.

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7 thoughts on “The Diablo Podcast #54: The Big Beta Debate, Part 1

  1. Flux. I’m sorry, your negativity and cynicism, are getting a little tiresome.  I think many of your concerns are valid and are worth discussing.  I’m sure you are looking forward to playing Diablo 3; but at no time in your podcasts is that ever conveyed.  That being said, I really appreciate your vast knowledge of Diablo 2 and you easily one the most articulate, informed Diablo commentators.

    • Thanks for the feedback. While I don’t criticize or counter points things just to be a contrarian, there are a lot of big changes in D3 that I think are worth debating.

      I didn’t know what Eliminator or Wolfpaq were going to say about anything in advance, and if they’d been negative about something, I’d have taken more of a positive counter point stance, to create a conversation / debate.  I have pros and cons on features in mind, and in my notes, pre-show, and which I talk about depends at least somewhat on what the other speakers say. If they cover all the positive points, then I’m going to bring up some alternatives. Or vice versa.

      If all 3 people talking had the same opinion, pro or con, wouldn’t that be a boring podcast?

      You may hear some of that in part 2 actually, since I think the atmosphere and gore and horror elements have been handled really well, and if Neinball and Xanth agree, we’ll probably just chorus praises. Which will make for a boring podcast, according to my logic. OH NOES!!1!

  2. RMAH is still bad for the game. I don’t plan on complaining about it every day of my life. Yes I would prefer if money from outside the game did not provide an in game advantage.

    Wolfpaq’s \you will still play it therefore you have to like it\ is just absurd. Your entire podcast is pointing out things in the game that need improvement. If his logic holds then your podcasts will have to become totally informative in nature.

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