After a holiday break, the Diablo Podcast returns with a big new show. In this episode, Flux discusses the Diablo 3 Beta with Wolfpaq and The Eliminator. Both guests gained their beta access fairly recently, so the experience is still new and shiny to them. The main topic of debate is the “it’s too easy” issue, and there’s also conversation on how everyone’s Diablo 2 play styles are translating into Diablo 3, the problems with the beta version of the Auction House, everyone’s favorite classes and skills, crafting and item balance, sound effects and music, appropriate gender choices for each class, and the usual bad jokes and sarcasm you’ve come to know and love.

    With so many big issues worth discussing in the beta, we’ll be recording a second part of this show over the weekend and posting it early next week. It will feature two new guests and cover numerous topics not addressed in this episode.

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