The Diablo Podcast #53: D3 Beta Issues and RMAH Beta Testing

The fifty-third episode of The Diablo Podcast features Flux speaking with D3 economy guru Azzure about various issues including D3 beta discontent and the D3 RMAH, which just began its beta testing.

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Both guys have been in the Beta test since the beginning, and both are fairly bored with it by now. As a result, they’ve both been playing some D2, for the first time in a long time, and they get into a number of point by point comparisons between D2 and D3.

Other issues include some speculation about why the Monk doesn’t perform any attacks while actually holding his weapons, why it’s generally more fun to play with bad (or no) equipment in the beta, whether the graphics have been improving during the test, how difficulty will be handled long term in Diablo III, and the never-ending issue of accessibility vs. dumbed down, in light of the parody-worthy fact that Blizzard has nerfed the tooltips.

The main topic starts up 33 minutes in, when the guys delve into the Diablo III Real Money Auction House, which just began testing on the beta realms. Azzure has conducted extensive testing of the new auction house, as well as examined player behavior, and he’s got a lot of interesting insights into how the RMAH will function.

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2 thoughts on “The Diablo Podcast #53: D3 Beta Issues and RMAH Beta Testing

  1. I am just listening to the podcast and while i love it overall there are things that i simply don’t agree with.

    How can you say that the new stat sheet is better than the D2 one? I mean there are awesome stats such as how much life you gain per hit, how much %of life i steal, how much life i get per kill, but when it comes to damage all i got is an arbitrary number called basic attack damage per second.
    I am not concerned with “damage per second” since it’s only a mean to compare your gear, i am concerned with actual minimum and maxumum damage for each of my weapons and my attack speed (at elast that i can see in the sheet.
    In order to see how much damage i do with certain ability i have to enable “display damage” from the options and to beat on monsters. Not so in D2, in D2 i could simply open the character sheet and see exactly how much minimum to maximum damage i do with each and every one of my abilities, while in D3 i have to try and calculate it myself or record teh damage of 10-20 attacks to figure my approximate minimum to maximum damage…
    Point is, the stat sheet is lacking, fundamental stuff like minimum – maximum damage is missing. And i don’t know how much more simplified the tooltips can be, i find them lacking or OK at best. Don’t get how they are going to simplify them more than this, the way to simplify them would be instead of saying “this does 30% more damage” would be for the game to calculate exactly how much damage this ability would do for you with your current gear and stats and to say “this would do 1234damage”. Doesn’t get more simplified than that…

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