The fifty-first episode of The Diablo Podcast features Flux speaking with Travis Baldree, president of Runic Games and lead designer on Torchlight 2. The sequel to million-selling indy hit Torchlight 1 is shaping up to be a huge upgrade over the original game in every way, thanks to a larger team, more development time, a bigger budget, and just plain better ideas. This interview covers a wide variety of topics, including the changes and improvements to skills, stats, monsters, items, UI, and the end game.

    However, since this is TDP not TLP, we’re not just presenting the plain interview. This is an enhanced presentation, with Flux, Wolfpaq, and The Eliminator talking about TL2, and especially the features that make it stand apart from Diablo III. Ironically, TL2 is much closer in game mechanics to D2 than D3 is to D2, which gave us plenty to debate. Flux also adds numerous behind the scenes details about the Runic Games visit.

    Stick around until the end for a new and exclusive 7 minute track from Matt Uelmen’s Torchlight 2 music. You can hear it in its entirety at the very end of this podcast. Enjoy, and check the news post on TDP for Matt’s liner notes for this piece

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