The fiftieth episode of The Diablo Podcast features Flux speaking with regular guest Neinball and first time guest Grug about their experiences at this year’s BlizzCon convention. They guys have hit 8 Blizzcons between them (and Flux has been to 4) so there’s a lot of past experiences compared to this year’s, which both guests enjoyed quite a bit.

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    This podcast covers everything from Blizzcon 2011. StarCraft 2’s awesome new units, Blizzard’s DotA, the World of Warcraft Pandaland expansion (which Neinball defends ably), the WoW pet Pokemon system (which Neinball is more skeptical about), and the weird way WoW (effectively) combines hardcore fantasy with cutesy nonsense.

    The conversation then turns to Diablo III and Neinball relates his PvM and PvP play experiences, where he was completely won over by the awesomeness that is the Diablo III Battle Arena. He also describes his triumph in the Diablo LoreZone trivia challenge, and the guys debate the “Titan or bust” status of Blizzcon 2012, a state of affairs created by the timing of Diablo 3, SC2, and WoW all (apparently) set to release their next instalments in early/mid 2012, too close to Blizzcon for them to have any new announcements at the show.

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