The forty-ninth episode of The Diablo Podcast features Flux interviewing David Craddock, author of an upcoming book about Blizzard North. David interviewed over 65 people for the project, including dozens of former Blizzard North employees, for a definitive insider account of the formation, glory years, and ultimate tragic doom of the studio that created the Diablo series.

    David’s book contains a great deal of info about Blizzard North’s version of Diablo III, and the sad last years of the studio, after the departure of the “Big Four,” when Blizzard Irvine began to meddle and everything came crashing down. Though David saved some of the best stories for his book, he shared plenty of juicy details during our conversation, including several revelations that had never-before been made public about other, non-Diablo projects at Blizzard North, elements of their early version of Diablo III that were preserved in the Blizzard Irvine version, interactions between Blizzard and Blizzard North, and more.

    Today also marks the grand opening of David’s new publishing house/website, now online at DM-Press.com.

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