The Diablo Podcast #48: Blizzcon and the PvP Demo

The forty-eight episode of The Diablo Podcast features Flux, Wolfpaq, and The Eliminator talking about all things Blizzcon. Both the guests were at the show, it was the first Blizzcon for both, and they loved it. They’ve got general reactions to Blizzcon, tales of Diablo III developer encounters, and more.

General Blizzcon chat aside, the bulk of the show focuses on the new PvP Arena demo, which each of the guests played at least a dozen times. They both experimented with all five character classes and tried out a wide-variety of strategies, and this podcast shares tons of brand new info on high level skills, runestone effects, strategy and teamwork in the Arena (or not), class power rankings (you’ll be surprised by which class both guys think is the strongest in PvP), and much more. It’s one of the most informative podcasts ever, much though it vexes me to admit that when I’m not at all the source of the info.

After the podcast, The Eliminator used the character builder on Blizzard’s site to recreate all five classes, as they were playable in the demo. Check out these links for the skills and runestones each class was set up with, in the pre-made level 60 characters available in the Blizzcon 2011 Arena.

On top of this podcast, we’ve got a lot more coming up on the PvP demo, including more highly-detailed hands-on reports, full details on all the skills/runes in use, strategy discussion, and more. Check back for that later today/this week.

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11 thoughts on “The Diablo Podcast #48: Blizzcon and the PvP Demo

  1. Is there a reason why the DH and the WD do not have fully speced trees (they’re missing runes/passives), or did it just not load right? Haven’t had the time to listen to the podcast yet, so sorry if that’s covered :).

    • When I was playing the game I didn’t look at every classes skill sheet. I only filled out info I knew for sure. I didn’t want to mislead anyone. I apologies that the builds are not finished. I will keep looking and I will update them if I find out more.

    • DH build s*ks 😕 and in pvp vids u can see it. IMHO barb and monk builds not bad. WZ and WD builds are so-so. But only time will tell whats better and VS whom

    • I’m pretty sure that the DH smoke screen was runed with lingering fog judging by how long she stayed invisible…

  2. thanks, listened to whole thing.
    After watching the pvp videos it was clear WD was strongest followed by barb/monk/sorc with definite weakest being DH. Kinda sad she was weakest in the Beta, the most hated class and then weakest in the PVP. LOL.
    Loved the joke about the cinematic. I seriously can’t get over the double crossbows myself

  3. If you haven’t listened to the whole thing yet, near the end Flux graciously throws the names of the Act2/3 bosses out there, which he sort of announced a couple days back with a spoiler tag, but it’s missing here.
    I was sort of grateful for the warning last time because I decided, because of that warning, not to watch the lore panel at all, so I’m not all that excited that it was thrown in that podcast without any warning whatsoever, oh well.

    • I know what you mean I have been avoiding watching and reading about that panel myself. I will wait until After i beat normal to take a look at any of the lore stuff that way I already know part of it and I honestly hated when Flux just pops those names out without any warning at all.

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