The Diablo Podcast #47: News Attack, Oct 16, 2011

The Diablo Podcast #47: News Attack, Oct 16, 2011

After a brief break due to Blizzard distracting us with the beta we are back for another News Attack Vidcast. In this week’s episode we share our beta gameplay experiences, which classes we’ve been playing and our thoughts on them (who we’re not liking), also recent news such as the new information and images on all the DiabloWikiArmor Dyes, dubious item naming, game pausing omission and Diablo 3 at DiabloWikiBlizzcon 2011. Mixed in with our usual chit chat and even some impressions (bad).

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8 thoughts on “The Diablo Podcast #47: News Attack, Oct 16, 2011

  1. First things first, “toodaloo” from Elly sounds great (thx again) but coming out of an American just sounds weird.  Try “Seacrest out” or “Later Homeslice”  lol.

    Now then, I wouldn’t say I would lose sleep over finding an extremely stupid sounding, pun attempted item but really I’d prefer them not to be there.  Pigspimple?  Really?  On a side note, I’ve only watched the first Harry Potter movie…….best nap I ever had.

    Flux, I also agree that what is the point of bringing back an item if it is only going to be radically different.  The only thing that does is make me wish for the real deal, not some watered down imitation.  Would you rather watch Footloose (1984) or Footlooose (2011)?  Oh wait, bad example.  Neither is the correct answer.

    • I went to see two of the Harry Potter movies at the cinema with the same person and both times they fell asleep and snored. Mortified.

      • Well at least the later ones seemed a little darker so I guess I COULD try to watch again if I get the time…..but I probably won’t  😛

  2. I’m glad this is back, I really enjoy listening to these while I’m working (repeatedly).  I understand the beta has everyone sidetracked, Fortunately I know someone with beta access so I’ve been getting my fill on the side also. 

    As always, great work!!

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