The forty-sixth episode of The Diablo Podcast is a conversation with Fluddastud, one of the first wave of Diablo 3 Beta F&F testers. Fluddastud has posted numerous screenshots and gameplay movies, and as much of the beta as he’s played, he knows its ins and outs very well. Tons of first hand info covered in this one, so if you want to know more about the game, don’t miss it.

    Topics covered are too numerous to list. They include how he got into the F&F beta, his first reaction to D3, his favorite characters for full play throughs and for Clvl 13 item hunting, game balance, nasty boss mods, hardcore mode, the economy, the game UI, B.net game creation and friend features, SP vs. MP benefits, magic find issues, bugs and technical issues, and much more.

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