The Diablo Podcast #46: Beta Tester Interview: FludDaStud

The forty-sixth episode of The Diablo Podcast is a conversation with Fluddastud, one of the first wave of Diablo 3 Beta F&F testers. Fluddastud has posted numerous screenshots and gameplay movies, and as much of the beta as he’s played, he knows its ins and outs very well. Tons of first hand info covered in this one, so if you want to know more about the game, don’t miss it.

Topics covered are too numerous to list. They include how he got into the F&F beta, his first reaction to D3, his favorite characters for full play throughs and for Clvl 13 item hunting, game balance, nasty boss mods, hardcore mode, the economy, the game UI, game creation and friend features, SP vs. MP benefits, magic find issues, bugs and technical issues, and much more.


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  1. Typo in the article description.  Concerning this, the 46th episode, the first sentence reads:
    “The forty-fifth episode of The Diablo Podcast…”

    • Nah, don’t be so hard on yourself fludDastud! I really enjoyed listening to the whole thing. Thanks for the insight and details :mrgreen: ! So ready to try this game out… Hope they invite more peeps(specifically me) soon!

    • You sounded fine. Everyone thinks their own voice sounds weird when they hear it in something like this. Don’t worry though, after 15 or 20 podcasts, you’ll be used to it!

    • Heh, I always think the same when I hear myself talking. 🙂

      You did absolutely fine and it’s always great to hear someone talking about the beta.

      Anyway, you said on the podcast, that you’re forcing anti-aliasing from your driver. Does that work for you? If it does I would really like to know what video card you have. Forcing AA with my Radeon HD 5750 doesn’t work at all.

      • I have the Radeon HD 6770(the new version of the 5770(the overclocked version of your card)) and since i am forcing it its not as huge of a difference but you can tell when you actually play the game.

    • Great stuff man, really enjoyed it 🙂
      I’ve listened to quite a few people talk about D3 and their experiences, you are one of the exceptions in not being an idiot 🙂

  2. Also…. completely will bring plenty of beer and pizza!

  3. Uh, Flux, rares weren’t common early on in D2. You can easily get through most of Act 1 with no rares until the boss.

    • I suppose it depends on the play style.  Obviously, people who rush have a drastically reduced chance to find them.

      Speaking only for myself, I find rares semi-commonly in Act I normal, and I’m never concerned with loading on MF.  Between Rakinishu runs to gain early levels (to twink on better early-game gear), the static & random unique mobs, and the special chests that are in some of the huts (which have, IIRC, a 10% chance to pop with all rare items), I’d say that it’d be very unlikely for me NOT to get a rare.

      But like I said, that’s just me. Your own results may vary.

    • Did you have negative MF or something? I haven’t made a new D2 char from scratch in a long time, and almost all of my high level chars were loaded with MF, which is probably skewing my memory. But I recalled having numerous rares and usually at least a set or unique or 2 by Andariel.

      In any event, D3 is just nothing on that front. This interview was recorded last weekend before I’d begun playing, but I’ve since done 3 chars to 13 in D3, killing hundreds or thousands of bosses, (not to mention all the chests) without finding a single rare, other than the 1 or 2 from the first Leoric kill with each char. That’s not unlucky, that’s nonfunctional.

  4. The beta wont be exapanded beyond the skeleton king. 

    Blizzard made it VERY CLEAR on that matter.

    With time more and more players will be aloud in the beta though! 

    Flux had a comment on wishing the beta to be expanded beyond the Skeleton King but that will not going happen! 8)

    • Yeah, they made that clear after this was recorded, so that and a few other things we know better now.

      Most of the beta testers are getting bored with the small content though, and we’re all hoping to get some patch changes; such as the new version of the DH with all her skill reworking.

  5. I agree with you Flux from watching the different playtrough videos that the beta content is rather small. I guess the patch for DH will come soon. 

    I only wish I get an invitation to try out the beta as well.

    If some gets bored with the beta you all know were you can find me 🙂

    • Now that we seem to be looking at 4+ months of beta, instead of 2, it seems like Bliz has abandoned their plans to rapidly scale up the number of testers. Weeks ago, a Blizzard person told us they’d have the full scale tens of thousands of testers going by last week, and it still hasn’t happened.

  6. Flux – I love, love, LOVE the podcast. Have listened to everyone since the very first one. This was by far the WORST interview I’ve ever listened to. It was painful at times to listen to this guy talk – seriously. I enjoyed the prior interview with the first beta tester much more.

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