The Diablo Podcast #45: Skills and Skill Runes

The forty-fifth episode of Barbarian skills and rune effects features Flux, Wolfpaq, and The Eliminator discussing the skills and runestone effects. Now that all the skills (currently in the game) and all of the runestone effects have been revealed, what are the coolest ones? What are the weirdest ones? Which are clearly still works in progress?

The guys run down all the most interesting tidbits for all five classes with the usual mixture of game info, analysis, and humor. Apologies in advance to Witch Doctor fans and hot dog-craving Buddhist monks.

Refer to the class skill pages and rune details for full details:

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10 thoughts on “The Diablo Podcast #45: Skills and Skill Runes

  1. I guess it doesn’t matter anymore now that basicaly all abilities are based on weapon damage, but I thought the reason for the much higher numbers for healing compared to damage skills was obvious. Damage can be raised by your attack score and +damage items whereas healing is fixed.
    There’s this one screenshot from GC 2011, showing an level 60 inferno equipped barbarian with like 8000 life and a damage bonus of +533% from tha ttack score alone.

    So yeah, I don’t really know why you would expect much smaller numbers…

    • Healing does scale., though. A 5000 heal on a Barbarian with 50% damage reduction is a different beast from a 5000 heal on a Barbarian with 75% damage reduction.

      • No, healing does not 🙂
        You can say hitpoints scale with damage reduction, but healing amount does not. Not to mention we are talking about points-after-all-modifiers, and not points-as-compared-to-target-pool.

  2. Anyway. I think Blizzard said the barbarian in the picture was focused on high vitality. And even then she had “only” 8000 life. And if a lvel 60 Inferno equipped barb can’t go higher, who could?
    Makes you wonder why a Monk can heal like 10000+ with Healing circle (Crimson’d Breath of Heavens).
    Even if you add stuff like the Obsidian’d Matra of Healing’s +45% Vitality, the 13000 maximum healing done by Healing Circle seems a bit excessive.

    But than again, I guess all these number can be changed anytime so who knows? Maybe we will see 20k+ life barbarians?

  3. I’m really glad each rune effect has their own name, i was excited when i saw that.

    As far as calling skills generators/spenders, probably just to make it clear to people. I’d rather them be called Combos and have a popup window or something taht says (spirit generator or spirit spender) or something. I think just another way to make it noob friendly.

  4. Hey Flux, when you guys were doing this, why is it that you did not talk more about how the Witch Doctor can have (technically) “mongrels” without having the skill “summon zombie dogs” by using the Mass Confusion skill with a alabaster? And whither or not his passive Zombie Handler will effect whither or not he will be able to get four “mongrels” without having the Basic skill Summon Zombie Dogs?
    Also, how does the Scrifice skill, with a alabaster ruin, and the passive Zombie Handler will work with Zombie Charger skill with a alabaster ruin all work together?

    Because this seems like a very interesting set up, if only they all worked together…

    • None of us had many notes about the WD, just due to time constraints on my end. My preparation was inadequate before recording! And like we said at the start, we could have talked about any class for the full hour; there are so many interesting runestone details and wrinkles and skills with odd overlapping properties.

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