The Diablo Podcast #43: Weekly News Attack, Sept 22, 2011

On this episode, Flux and Elly recap a very busy week of news. Topics include leaked screenshots of most of the weapons and armor in the game, Blizzard announces PayPal for their Bobby Bucks™ transaction service and Chinese future gold farmers are irate, the magical new technology removes lag and latency from Diablo III PvM play, news that the Diablo 3 Beta “lottery” will NOT be restricted just to Starcraft 2 and World of Warcraft players, new details about the Diablo 3 stash, the major changes to the Demon Hunter, and other class skill layouts, new Diablo 3 merchandise revealed, our new Diablo 3 markets site is launched, and more.

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    20 thoughts on “The Diablo Podcast #43: Weekly News Attack, Sept 22, 2011

    1. I’d Like to thank Elly and Flux for the great pod casts they do.
      Especially to Elly for the amazing video pod casts that she edits for us. Thank you Elly, it makes the pod casts even better when you get some visuals with it.

    2. Hey Flux and Elly,
      i have to ask, i have been trying to avoid all the spoilers ever since i saw that headline a week or so ago “that which has been seen cannot be unseen”
      So if i listen to this podcast or heck any podcast you do with Elly will any of THOSE spoilers be in them?
      I seriously want to know because i may just go for D3 blackout if its a major spoiler like Tyrael rides unicorns or something 🙂

      • If you listen you won’t hear any spoilers (I don’t think) but that depends on what you consider a spoiler. I would say you’re safe though.

        If you watch it there is a warning a few mins in that the next five mins are full of spoilers images – the audio isn’t though.  Flux refers to the Leah spoilers but says nothing because he said it’d be a spoiler (that stuff is in ‘general’ or maybe ‘beta’ forum, I forget)

    3. In regards to the comment “What has been seen cannot be unseen”, that term took on a whole new meaning after I watched A Serbian Film.

      Don’t watch it.

      Just don’t.


    4. Regarding the stash size I really think it’s too small. Would have liked the current stash space for each character :S
      Hopefully, like Elly said,  we won’t need to be hoarding as much though (but I doubt it ;P )

    5. Jay Wilson said the shared stash would be “ridiculously huge”.  This stash is NOT ridiculously huge.  PlugY’s stash is ridiculously huge (infinite).  I was expecting 2 or 3x the size of what they are offering.  Disappoint.

    6. There’s no way blizzard would let clients handle any kind of calculations on their own, its just too much of a security risk. There are skillful ways of letting the client emulate a seemingly lag-free gameplay, in reality though it’s the server doing all the calculations. If you attack a monster your client can calculate whether you kill it or not and the result is displayed without having to wait for an answer from the server. This works well up to a point. If the client cant be 100% sure whether a mobs dies or not it will have to wait for confirmation from the server, so high latency will still have a negative impact on gameplay, if you have packet loss its gonna be even worse. Yes, the game might be playable at 1000ms latency but it would be far, far from ideal.

      With regards to the idea that server storage space might be a limiting factor on the size of the stash; that just isnt correct for several reasons. First of all, what is an item? It’s certainly not a real item lying around in a warehouse somewhere, it’s just a series of numbers. Let’s think about it. How much data does a singe item contain? Well let’s just assume its 128 bytes long for good measure since I don’t know the exact number. Now say you pick up a 1TB hard drive in your local computer store for around $70. The question is: how many items can you fit on that cheap 1TB hard drive?

      The answer is 7.8 Billion individual items. On a single 1TB hard drive.

      The factor is correct even if the number isn’t. So it’s certainly not economically unfeasible to actually offer everyone completely unlimited storage space. But Blizzard has to draw the line somewhere. And by keeping it limited they still have the option of offering extra storage space for cash later on.

    7. I am not sure which was funnier… Flux making his offhand innuendo or Elly screeching at the spider (My vote is for Elly as I actually snorted my coffee up my nose and my wife tends to screech at spiders as well)

    8. im sure the highest monk armor we saw from datamining is the christmas tree armor of which willson said that its inferno gear

    9. if there is item drop lag then i would assume hp globes would lag to drop and in pvp i could see that being an issue.

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