The Diablo 3 Podcast #41: Weekly News Attack, Sept 12, 2011

Flux and Elly delve into some of the interesting news items of the past seven days including the new skill interface, the skill switch, graphic setting comparisons, music and always a crowd-pleaser, death.

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  1. Haha, Flux’s voice is so much weirder than I expected. Elly sounds hot though. /shrug

  2. I guess I would have been too busy playing the beta as well to get the news attack up on friday… 😛

  3. lets play guess ellys age

  4. Thanks for keeping these podcasts coming. I’d love a MP3 version for my Android listening commute to work, but I understand if you don’t release it.


  5. Mp3 version is on itunes and you can also direct download it from

  6. I think the comments about “the guy talking about the monsters” that sounds like Stewie isn’t Cain, but the more Arab/British sounding one.

  7. Im with Elly on the death penalty thing. It really pisses me of that you just start back up at the check point. This might change later on by checkpoints being further away and less frequently showing up but from videos of the beta it really doesn’t matter if you use a potion or not because if you die your back there where you were anyway with full health. I know games are getting easy but that just seems kind of ridiculous.  All i play is hardcore now in D2 but i used to play a shit ton of normal before i started HC. And even in normal you got that i hope i dont die feeling just because you will have to run back to your body naked or have to start a new game which sucked if you got far in what you were doing. I wish they change this and made it abit more fearful of dieing in normal.

  8. Flux rapping. Oh dear god.

  9. First thing came to my mind as well! The voice of Stewie Griffin is in the game…. Pretty evil guy he is, but you can’t tell that by his voice! 🙂

  10. I just wanted to note that the voice when \Listening\ to the beastiary in D3 Beta is not Deckard Cain, it is instead Abd al-Hazir as noted in the entries. His voice is similar to Stewie Griffin’s where Deckard Cain’s is not at all. Just wanted to clarify that as a D3 Beta tester I had to go check after that was mentioned.

  11. I kinda found it amusing that Flux and Elly made the whole commentary about the Stewie-like narration into a joke on how young people and new players don’t even know who Deckard Cain is. When in fact, it’s clear that the original criticism is for the new rather silly Abd al-Hazir character, who does a substantial amount of the monster lore narrative, and not Deckard Cain. Maybe it’s the old guys that aren’t keeping up to speed, rather than the young ones not knowing their roots? 😉

    • lol.  ok i made the stewie comment.  Thank you to those of you who knew who I was talking about, I wasn’t talking about Deckard Cain.  I was indeed talking about Abd al-Hazir..  I would NEVER confuse Cain who’s voice is one of the best voices ever with Stewie!

      I also didn’t mean it as a criticism.  I just thought it was funny.  I’m not even a Family Guy fan.  Oh I’m also 32.

      That said, thanks Flux for committing something I said to memory.  I feel honored. 🙂

      Off-topic: I am a huge Bones fan and at the end of Season 4 when Booth starts seeing Stewie in his hallucinations, was some of the funniest shit on TV ever.

    • Also we’re old and don’t watch the hip kid’s shows these days, so neither of us has seen more than a few internet clips from Family Guy, thus we had no mental construct about what stewie sounded like.

      And yes, I know Family Guy isn’t new or hip. I just never considered watching it when it was new, and South Park was regularly lampooning the idiocy of it.

  12. I wish the Mp3 download link was on the frontpage of each podcast.  I always have to download them.

  13. hopefully the game gets more challenging as far as questing/freespecs as we advance to harder difficulties. I remember reading that blizz said normal mode would be like great-grandma mode, but i hope NM/Hell/inferno will 1) not show you where quest items/locations are and 2)not allow spec changing on the fly or without penalty.

    Where is blizzard getting these stats about ‘half the people never even beat normal diff on diablo2’? I feel like they almost make up these figures to justify their actions. i mean i played TL briefly but got bored of it after a week or so and quit, does that count as me being inept and not competent enough to complete a playthrough at normal difficulty?

    As far as quest arrows go, i wish they were gone completely, even in normal mode. I played Borderlands briefly as well, and they also used quest arrows on the mini-map, and i pretty much ignored every other area of the environment that wasn’t on my way towards the arrow. But i am the kind of player that likes exploring every inch of a world, and if not for that arrow i actually would have. I mean if all else fails, move your mouse over random things, if they are pertinent to the quest or even grab-able at all it will be outlined.

  14. Not one person says happy birthday???  Happy birthday Elly.

  15. Yo haters gonna hate WHOO! *ROFL!*

  16. Hey flux when you discuss the rune system I think they will actually apply to the skill slot where you originally spotted the pentagram I think the runs will go there and maybe you will be able to actually move the skill to the runed slot just a thought like many I have no idea

  17. Soo out of curiosity what would i have to do to get on one of these podcast? XD I have sooo many things to add to you guys I think it would be great to have more voices in these too You guys missed quite a few major points in this one I was scratching my eyes out wanting to speak in this XD

  18. Love the bevis and butthead reference and happy bday Elly

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