The Diablo 3 Podcast #40: Hardcore! (Part Two)

Flux is joined by Wolfpaq and new columnist Xanth for a mega-discussion about all things Hardcore. In part two the topics include the Hardcore community and eliltism, the lack of Real Money Trading in HC, the Hardcore Arena, and more.

The fortieth episode of The Diablo Podcast is part two of a two part show (see part 1), in which we put Hardcore mode under the microscope. This show concludes our Hardcore discussion, and includes conversation about the Hardcore community and how it’s generally more co-op than Softcore, corpse looting and life without a PK switch, trading and the likely impact of no RMT in HC, the likely differences in builds between HC and SC in D3 (which should be noticeable, since HC chars can’t just manually allocate more Vitality points in D3), and the Hardcore Arena.

The Diablo 3 Podcast Episode Guide in provides links to every show, plus quick summaries.

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  1. I’ve said it on Youtube comments, but i feel it might be interesting to repost it here too. I just lost a level 28 Holy Shock Hardcore SP paladin while listening to this podcast. Wish i made a screenie – Death was due to Infector of Souls pack 🙁
    Wondering what next hardcore char should i make now…

  2. I stopped at 1:17. Perma-death for all Hardcore deaths is, indeed, then only way to go. Redefining Hardcore so Arena style PvP can thrive is just plain dumb. If you can’t handle perma-death, then stick to Softcore where you can PvP endlessly.

    Listening to the rest now.

    • As discussed in the podcast, you’re taking the idealist view; the “wouldn’t it be cool if!!!” PoV. And yes, it would be cool. But since the HC Arena would be unused with only a permadeath option, and HC players would all have to play SC to duel… I think it’s a bad idea.

      • I really don’t understand this argument at all. What is the point of playing Hardcore if your character is immortal? Why do we need to redefine Hardcore to make sure that there is a healthy amount of PvP? If you’re going to grant immortality to HC PvPers, then maybe we should consider HC immortality in Inferno mode, too. You don’t want an entire facet of the game to potentially ignored because death is too likely, do you? Also, perhaps deaths to the D3 equivalent of Extra Strong/Extra Fast/Multple Shot/Lightning Enchanted uniques shouldn’t be permanent either. Where do you draw the line?

        Hardcore mode means death is permanent. If you can’t handle it, then stick to Softcore. You can’t (well, shouldn’t) have it both ways.

        • It’s a very clear line. PvM is hardcore. you die, you die. The game is built around players being able to kill monsters without dying, if they’re clever and careful and conscientious, etc.

          PvP is different. The Arena is special game type, designed entirely for PvP. Someone always dies, usually very quickly. You’re in a small area, with no escape and you have fairly limited hit points.

          As said on the podcast, (and as this was argued MANY times a couple of years ago when it was new news) it’s just a realist vs. idealist argument. No, a sparring mode in HC Arena is not a purist feature, but it’s necessary to let HC players enjoy the full game. Otherwise there will be very little HC dueling, and HC players who want to duel will have to make SC chars to do it.

          We hope there will be an option for perma-death dueling in the game, but it shouldn’t be mandatory, or else there just won’t be dueling available for HC chars. Besides, if you want to be totally purist you’re welcome to delete your HC chars after they lose in sparring mode.

          • Deleting *MY* characters when *I* die in PvP doesn’t solve the problem created by HC PvP immortality and is a completely ridiculous suggestion.

            I don’t know if you’ve ever played HC, but there seems to be a ton of people who never played HC commenting on this issue. I started playing HC exclusively in July 2000 and in the first two years of D2 and LoD (before hacks/scripts/trigs ruined PvP), I partook in a lot of consensual level 50+ pvp to the death. I had stashes full of ears opponents I had killed and the satisfaction gained by knowing that they had lost something substantial made the risk of losing my character permanently (which happened plenty of times) worth the risk. Without a mandatory risk of permanent death every time anyone engages in HC pvp, I won’t be bothering with it, and I don’t know why you would, either, as you should be playing the already existing mode that allows this.

  3. You forgot the direct mp3 download link! Easily the best way for me to get it on my phone…streaming media isn’t it’s forte with spotty internet service. Anywho keep up the good work. I personally never played HC cause I love my items too much to lose em. That is until I recently reinstalled D2 in my impatience for beta and no longer had any characters or items to worry about. I’m loving HC now, even after my 1st Necro passed away at Lv50 in the Maggot Lair on NM.

  4. Great set of podcasts. I listened to them both back to back. I really never played hardcore in D2 classic. After the announcement of RMAH, I decided to learn more about hardcore. These podcasts make me enthusiastic towards becoming hardcore with the great community (minus some bad apples), the added thrill, and the strategies that change with only one life to live.

  5. Question.
    You mention that the items gets deleted when your hard core character dies.
    But didn’t Blizzard say that all your gear will get transfered along with ur character to soft core when you die?
    Cus that is a great reason for Blizz to sell real money items to Hardcore characters too, and I really want Blizz
    to make much money from the AH so they’ll continue to make stuff for Diablo 3.

  6. By not adding RMAH to hardcore Blizzard is not saving players from themselves. Blizzard is saving themselves from players. It is no longer community from 11 years ago. People would whine, and Blizzard would have to deal with it somehow. And yes, they would have to deal with it.
    Also, they would have to make second e-balance for hardcore. Otherwise it would be like:
    You farm on your softcore char, then sell items on RMAH. After that buy items for your HC char using same money you made by playing on SC (and other way around). And you no longer have seperated SC and HC items.

  7. Randumb Idea…
    You PvP against someone (or some team) in HC… you win… you (or your team) is presented with a popup something like…
    “You have disabled your foes, will you Finnish them, or just remove an ear?”
    You end up risking your character, but you still have excellent chance of stayin’ alive.

  8. I never really saw the point of HC but I have to admit that I am feeling the power of conversion pressing me, thanks guys awesome podcast !_!
    My concerns though are server lag and dc’s plus I reside in SA so latency issues will probably be the decider!
    RMAH for HC should also be included.

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