Flux is joined by Wolfpaq and new columnist Xanth for a mega-discussion about all things Hardcore. On this first part the guys cover the differences between SC and HC players, new character goals, the shared stash, in-game HC graveyard, Inferno difficulty, and more.

    The thirty-ninth episode of The Diablo Podcast is part one of a two part show, in which we put Hardcore mode under the microscope. I played a lot of HC in D2, Xanth is our new Hardcore columnist, and we’re joined by Woflpaq, whose entire D2 HC experience was a Clvl 19 Necromancer. That balance is on purpose, of course, to get a variety of opinions on the issue.

    This is part of the show, since there was so much to talk about. In this one we cover a little bit of new Beta info, before going all hella hardcore. Issues debated include: The general differences between HC and SC play style, character design, and public games. How different it is to make a new HC character now, compared to during the glory days of D2C and D2X. The basic philosophical differences between HC and SC player mindset. What’s the goal when making a new character? Is a SC character only about the end game boss running? Do HC players enjoy the journey more than just a rush to the destination? How will the shared stash affect the gameplay in Diablo III, and will HC characters exploit it to switch away their best gear in case of danger? Is ten character slots enough for Hardore players, and will Diablo III include some sort of in-game Hardcore Graveyard? Will there be special HC-only achievements? Is the banner system distinction enough for HC characters? And how about a “never died” achievement for Softcore characters? Is the Inferno difficulty a big deal, or just more of the same for a Hardcore player?

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