The Diablo 3 Podcast #37: Legendary Items, 10 Character Limit & Tin Foil Hats

Multiple topics on this week’s show, as Flux, Neinball, and DiablosMinion object to Diablo III’s ten character limit, debate legendary item graphics, debunk RMAH conspiracy theories, and wonder why the Monk looked so weak in the recent skill videos.

The thirty-seventh episode of The Diablo Podcast is now online for your listening pleasure. On this show, Flux, Neinball, and DiablosMinion run down a variety of recent topics. Could Blizzard be planning to secretly sell items for $ via the Auction House? Should Legendary items always have special graphics, and is that going to be a bad thing, given how over the top the Inferno armor looks? Why does anyone think ten characters are enough for Diablo 3? What was best (and worst) in the recently-leaked class skill movies? All that plus Flux’s grand theory of Blizzard fanboy defensive rage.

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34 thoughts on “The Diablo 3 Podcast #37: Legendary Items, 10 Character Limit & Tin Foil Hats

  1. What if, and I know this is going to get me hit over the head 😉 but hear me out, blizzard charged for additional character slots?

    I’m not saying they WILL, but they MIGHT because, hey! That post-D3 release conference call can always look better! 🙂

    Edit: As noted WoW had 10 slots, far as I remember D2 had 10 also.

    • If I can modify a characters skills at any time why would we really need to make more than one character per class?  I understand if we wanted to develop a different focus for a class but am I missing something?  I mean if I have my barbarian hit 60 why waste time making  a new one to level up when I can just change around that level 60’s skills whenever I feel like it.
      BTW, if that is the case and I’m not mistaken, I’m not a fan of being able to change your skills at any time because then my choices are tied to a dedicated character that somebody else may have not done for the same character (where’s the challenge and patience in developing one if you can change everything at the drop of a hat?)

  2. I’m going to be buying 2 or more copies of this game for more of everything, with no subscription fee why not? Character, storage space, auction posting limit solved.

  3. I’d definitely like to see all legendary weapons have impressive graphics.  Not just, “Oh, that’s a legendary item,” but being able to recognize it as “X” legendary (Windforce, Azurewrath, etc).

  4. you forgot male and female.. you cant even have one of every character in both soft and hardcore, that makes 20..
    i want atleast one of each since their stories arent the same.. sad

    So, the 10 character limit is interesting given what Jay Wilson said during the Diablo 3 open Q&A panel at Blizzcon 2010 (see this video – – @10:32).  “We’re going to try to make it a number that’s actually really hard to hit.”  10 doesn’t seem like a number that’s hard to hit.

    Jay Wilson: “I’m going to translate what I think you’re asking. I think you’re asking two questions. 1: Is the stash going to be bigger? I think that’s one of the questions. And the other question is, “How many characters can we have?” …

    We haven’t determined the number of characters per account. But, because accounts don’t work the same as they did before, it’s not like you have a CD key and you can make tons and tons of accounts – it’s you have a CD and you have your account. The number of characters is going to be a lot higher. Exactly what that number is, I can’t say. We’re going to try to make it a number that’s actually really hard to hit. *applause*

    So, get ready to applaud more.  We’re going to make sure we never delete your characters. Even if you leave the game and come back.”

  6. Regarding character slots, one idea could be to have 10 slots as an initial limit, and for every level 60 character you make you unlock an additional character slot as a bonus reward on top of reaching Inferno level. There would of course have to be an upper limit still, like 15 or 20 slots.

  7. Ok I tried to state this before but blizzard doesn’t have to sell items directly.

    They just have to up the droprate in certain areas by 0.2%, with millions of players that will create so much more extra revenue over time that they will not even need to “cheat” items. there are effectively already “cheating” by adding RMT. they control the droprates and everything else in the game, and it’s all perfectly legal and explainable to the masses. “we felt this area was not getting enough exposure and therefore other areas were being used more as item run areas then we would like. we have always maintained that an item run in one area is not fun and we would do anything to prevent this. We have previously stated that we would tweak areas if we find that one particular area is being spammed by players for item runs, and perhaps giving a little item reward in other areas to make them more appealing”

    I heart Blizzard, trully, but I cannot ignore how easy it is for them, with this system in place, to print money. (like some already said before) It is litterelly a money printing machine they have created. “hmm we need more income for this new project, ok let me change this online only droprate game droprate for this area by 0.2% and it will generate approximatly 1.2M extra for this project”

    I do not mind Blizzard making revenue of their games, I would just like them to be more transparent and open about it and not give us reasons like “players will do it anyway”, they may be technically true but they are not the real reason for doing this. Like flux said we all want bobby to have his solid gold toilet for his guest house, I just want him to be honest about it.
    There is a slew of other reasons I could give for not liking the RMAH but I’ll just leave it at this.

    • Supply-and-demand says “no”.

      As items become more easy to obtain in-game, the supply goes up (obviously) AND the demand goes down (less people need to buy it because they found it in-game). The result? Much lower prices for that item, and fewer sales. So Blizzard would end up getting less money as a result of increasing the drop rate, not more.

      • D’oh – of course, they are using a flat fee, not a percentage fee. Sorry.

        In that case, Blizzard would only make more money if the higher drop rate resulted in more auction house sales despite the fact that the higher drop rate would also mean less players need to buy that item.

        The final analysis would depend heavily on the supply of the item in question. Your analysis is valid for items where demand substantially outstrips supply, but without a shortage of the item in question, upping the drop rate would not increase Blizzard’s revenue.

  8. I dont understand how it takes more time to switch out runes than to level up an entirely new character. can someone explain?

    And it is 10… PER SERVER for WoW

    • If runes are locked into the skill and lvl 7 runes are extreamly rare, then it might be faster to just make up a new character, then to pick new skills and go looking for another 6 lvl 7 runes that have the right properties you want. (if you don’t know what I am talking about take a look at this vid that has Jay talking how runes could work)

  9. The argument that Blizzard would stop selling the game to people because they don’t have enough server space does not make any sense. With that 60 dollars they can buy partial new server space for that character to occupy. If you up the character limit from 10 to 20, the server space required to store this information for everyone doubles. So if sales were doubled they could easily buy servers, if character limit doubles they get no money from it to buy more server space.
    That being said, I really hope they do increase the character limit to 15 or 20, i think that limit would mean that you would never really have a character that you need to delete that you legitimately care about.

  10. It is mighty ironic to hear “fanboys are stupid” lectures from people that are overly negative all the time. I certainly don’t remember a post in this place, that didn’t have “Blizz sucks again” feel to it. And yet you believe that you are unbiased? Self-proclaimed “purgers of stupid” and “teachers of all things in gaming and life”. Bottom line is, I would take a “fanboy” anyday over you. Why? Because they at least have something to believe in.
    Furthermore, I feel a genuine sympathy for Jay Wilson, that is actually doing a good job holding up against all the PERSONAL hate that’s flowing towards him. And for *mostly* no reason! There might be mistakes that were made by Blizzard, there are some to be made in future, but they are trying hard at the very least. Would you deny it? They certainly do way better games and community interaction than the rest of the industry. And if I were in their place, I wouldn’t know how to make a better game. Would you? Think before answering, because this question is equivalent to “Are you arrogantly stupid?”.

    • If you’re unable to identify any passion for Diablo 3, what the developers are creating, here then you’re blinkered and seeing only what you want to see.

    • you’re just angry because they called your type out at the beginning of the podcast.

      with such a well established prequel to this game, people are obviously going to react to changes, and disagree with reasons given for those changes. Besides, people are being negative about something only because they are positive about something else.

      better to voice an opinion than sit by and take it in the rear like some people..

    • “Something to believe in”? Are we resorting to bad 80’s hair ballads now? :p

      There’s two sides to the spectrum, two extremes: the fanboys who blindly defend the indefensible, and then there’s those who attack everything and anything available. They are both equally obnoxious. There are very few who post on the front page here that fit either description, but when they do, it makes me yearn for that good old red arrow. I don’t see either extreme in any of the comments posted on the main page. Opinions are posted. You are not required to agree with them. Reading them is compulsory and completely up to you.

      Quite frankly, what’s really getting old, is having to read the crying and bellyaching from people who are expecting this site to be CSPAN or something.

  11. I agree with you Flux.  People don’t like to read or hear bad things about things they believe in.  All hail the almighty Flux!

  12. @Elly: I agree. That’s why I only read headlines and first few sentences of most articles here, trying to omit all the opinions they contain. And I’ll keep coming here just for the news, because they seem to appear here earlier than everywhere else.
    This elusive passion, you speak of, cannot be sparked by Blizzard or anyone else. It’s all in their silly heads. And this daily pessimism keeps on gnawing upon the last remaining scraps of joy they will ever feel about this game.

    @Wide format: I’m not angry even a bit. Why? Because I don’t feel to be the ‘fanboy’ type that was mentioned. And even if I were, I’d rather pick the so-called “stupid” side and be happy about the game. I agree, that negativity is to be expected and that it is, in part, because they feel fondly about the previous games. But so do I.

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