Multiple topics on this week’s show, as Flux, Neinball, and DiablosMinion object to Diablo III’s ten character limit, debate legendary item graphics, debunk RMAH conspiracy theories, and wonder why the Monk looked so weak in the recent skill videos.

    The thirty-seventh episode of The Diablo Podcast is now online for your listening pleasure. On this show, Flux, Neinball, and DiablosMinion run down a variety of recent topics. Could Blizzard be planning to secretly sell items for $ via the Auction House? Should Legendary items always have special graphics, and is that going to be a bad thing, given how over the top the Inferno armor looks? Why does anyone think ten characters are enough for Diablo 3? What was best (and worst) in the recently-leaked class skill movies? All that plus Flux’s grand theory of Blizzard fanboy defensive rage.

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