The Diablo 3 Podcast #36: Weekly News Attack, August 26, 2011

Elly and Flux tackle the weeks Diablo 3 news, with commentary on the awesome leaked skill and runestone videos, Jay Wilson deja vu interviews from Gamescom, Max Schaefer trolling D3, fan love for Inferno, and more.

The thirty-sixth episode of The Diablo Podcast is now online for your listening pleasure. Once again it’s Elly and Flux running down the news items of the past week, with our customary wit, insight, and occasional bad impressions. Topics include Jay Wilson making the same (not so good) RMAH argument in every interview at Gamescom, Max Schaefer trolling D3 from Gamescom, the overwhelming fan approval of the Inferno difficulty level, the awesome new leaked skill and runestone display movies, growing a D3 beard, our new beta start countdown timer, and more.

The Diablo 3 Podcast Episode Guide in provides links to every show, plus quick summaries.

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14 thoughts on “The Diablo 3 Podcast #36: Weekly News Attack, August 26, 2011

  1. Yeah, Portland is a pit of bad facial hair and *shudder* hipsters. I am of course from the land of snobbery Seattle.

    • I haven’t seen too many hipsters, but I’m not really in Portland itself very often. Just the suburbs. Though I do see 20 y/o guys with shaggy hair and black skinny jeans who are always smoking and usually wearing a stupid hat, fairly often around here.

      • Skinny jeans! it doesnt get worse than skinny jeans. Dinking coffee, knitting, and listening to hipster nonsense music. Jesus I sound like my grandfather.

  2. Flux beard!  Flux beard!  Oh, and Elly should make one, too.  Elly fake beard!  Elly fake beard!

  3. One Tab key to rule you all…

    What happened to the  “Willkommen zum Diablo Podcast”. I was dying to hear you struggle with it 😀

  4. Maybe the 3 mouths have something to do with the past 2 hero’s he had taken possession of in the past 2 games. just a thought though at least the 2 other mouths on his shoulders.

  5. Yeah Flux didn’t Max say you are the most informed person about D3 that he knows, back when you did that old podcast? That’s why I don’t agree with Elly, and I think he more or less wanted to drum up some publicity for TL2. With D3 so close to beta he must be worried people have forgotten and or may pass over TL2 for D3.

    Not sure how the D3 team might take his comments, it might be a case of “challenge accepted” And they may push even harder to get the game done and out before years end. Careful what you say it might bite you in the butt.

    • I didn’t say he didn’t want to drum up business for tl2. I said he probably didn’t think it would make it but purposely lied anyway, I said he was probably told what he knew in confidence and just used it and that was based partly on his conversation with Rush last week.  I said there are probably people in Blizzard who are beginning to doubt a 2011 release. Knowing about D3 has nothing to do with that.

      • It just seems a little suspicious, his game has been delayed. (till when…?) I think that’s the real issue here, it looks like TL2 isn’t going to be out till late fall.  Maybe, a little to close (for Max) to the possible winter release that Diablo 3 could have.

        He is feeling the pressure of missing the summer release and now heads into a fall where TL2 might just get lost in the sea of big games. Unfortunately they might have really hurt themselves by not getting this game out during the summer. July would have been the best time for TL2. It would have given it 2 full months of no real competition.  All this adds up, and that’s why Flux asked “Is Max trolling?”

  6. I just shaved before they announced to grow a Diableard, now it looks like only a 1 months growth instead of 6/7 i had before =(

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