Flux, Wolfpaq, and Nico debate the ethical, financial, and gameplay issues of the Diablo 3 Real Money Auction House. One guest is for it and the other is against it, so all PoVs are covered.

    The thirty-second episode of The Diablo Podcast is now online for your listening pleasure. On this show, Flux moderates a debate/discussion about Blizzard’s controversial plans for a DiabloWikireal money trading element to the Diablo III DiabloWikiAuction House. The Diablo Podcast regular Wolfpaq supports the RMAH and thinks it will be a beneficial feature. TDP newcomer Nico opposes the RMAH and thinks it will corrupt the game and cause unpleasant real world considerations to intrude on what should be a fun gaming experience. Tune in to witness their fight to the death!

    This episode isn’t exactly a debate, but both guests are given ample opportunity to make their cases on a wide variety of Auction House and economic issues. Topics covered include:

    • RMT in the game is just wrong. People should use items they find themselves, or obtain with in-game goods. Not external resources.
    • Should there be non-RMT servers? Other than Hardcore mode.
    • Can the current state of D2 trading/economy be compared to D3, given all the duping and bots in D2?
    • Will Diablo 3 maintain a functional gold-based economy?
    • Is the always-online DRM requirement, and the lack of no-RMT servers, designed to force all players into the same RMT economy?
    • Will high end items only be sold for $, thus forcing any player who wants to buy, sell, or trade them to use RMT?
    • What will happen with the high level Hardcore economy? RMT via 3rd party sites; exactly the scenario Blizzard says they introduced the RMAH to prevent in D3?
    • What happens shortly before a patch or expansion, when everyone knows a whole new tier of top end items will come in and upset the market values?
    • What will Blizzard do if the RMAH doesn’t take off and they don’t meet their revenue projections?

    Listen for all the arguments, whichever side of the equation you’re standing on.

    The Diablo 3 Podcast Episode Guide in DiabloWiki.net provides links to every show, plus quick summaries.

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