The Diablo 3 Podcast #31: Weekly News Attack, August 14, 2011

Flux and Elly tackle the news rush, with commentary on D3?s cinematics, item and experience sharing in parties, Max Schaefer’s comments on D3, the upcoming Gamescom expo, and more.

The thirty-first episode of The Diablo Podcast is now online for your listening pleasure. Once again it’s Elly and Flux running down the news items of the past week, with our customary wit, irreverence, and Flux’s inappropriate jokes. Topics include Diablo III’s cinematics, item and experience sharing in parties, new secret ninja game screen photos, D3 at the imminent Gamescom expo, Max Schaefer’s comments on D3’s new controversial features, and more.

This one runs a bit longer than our usual weekly news shows, since there was just so much to cover. Plus we ended up debating the issue of experience sharing and item drops in parties. Basically, Elly is much more forgiving than I when it comes to the issue of “do you have to be alive and present to get items when a boss pops?” I don’t think it’s asking too much that your character be, you know, alive… to get items. Elly countered with a what if you do 95% of the tanking work, die right at the end, and then the back row DHs and Wizards finish off Diablo while you’re running back from the checkpoint. Don’t you deserve the drop more than the others in the game?

Probably, in video games as in real life, but deserves got nothing to do with it. Other topics include news about D3’s Cinematics, the excellent new screenshots, the mysterious “Inferno” difficulty level/thingie, Max Schaefer’s surprisingly supportive comments about D3’s new features, and more.

The Diablo 3 Podcast Episode Guide in provides links to every show, plus quick summaries.

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34 thoughts on “The Diablo 3 Podcast #31: Weekly News Attack, August 14, 2011

  1. Just to make one thing clear. I never said you made an effort to make your polls biased, if it’s my post you’re referring to. I understand you’re just trying to get an honest poll vote going and it’s really hard to ask a perfect question and giving perfect answers. Keep it up.

    • on the other hand, why are the polls not more like pro and con – regarding a topic in general i mean most polls here can be awnsered with yes or no, maybe yes and no have logical points / arguments, but one always overweighs the other ( for a person , that is )
      i mean all things considered you have to be either pro or con on a matter of subject. i dont see why flux has to give reasoning for poll choices at all, i mean either you have your mind made up about a topic or you dont – than you can still choose to not vote at all …
      id rather have articles  with muliple polls towards 1 single topic with clear awnsers (yes/no) than the current rather muddy multicolor polls. i think even polls with multiple clear choices would be reasonable.
      do you like the ingame-currency AH ?:(y/n)
      do you like RMAH ?: (y/n)

      Yes –> why do you like it ? ( check atleast 1 )
      [x]  I am busy person (family / Job) – i want to participate with shiny items despite my little free time.
      [ ]  I want to earn a little extra money
      [ ] i always liked it and already used RMT from 3rd party sites in d2

      No –> why dont you like it ?
      [x] it disturbs the integrity of what makes a game a game.
      [ ] i am under the assumption that i have to buy Items to participate in PvP
      [ ] i am under the assumption that i have to buy items to progress if i dont want to spend tremendous amounts of time for grinding.
      [ ] I am principially disgusted with the money-grabbing attitude Blizzard drives forth.
      would you make use of non RMT server if there were any ? (y/n)

      just some feedback :/

  2. “Elly countered with a what if you do 95% of the tanking work, die right at the end, and then the back row DHs and Wizards finish off Diablo while you’re running back from the checkpoint. Don’t you deserve the drop more than the others in the game?”

    While I haven’t played the game yet, based on what I’ve read, there is no “Tank” class in the same sense as a game like WoW.  Sure the barbarian has more abilities that make him harder to kill- but the AI is supposed to be smart enough to attack more than just the “tank”.  In other words, I dont think a player can say they “deserve drops more” just because they rolled a barbarian.

    • You’re sort of missing the point. It’s not about what class you’re playing. The point is you can have people do close to nothing the whole fight, wait for you to die and finish off the boss. They get loot, you get nothing, while you’ve been the one putting in most of the effort killing the boss.
      I’m wondering if you can kick players from your game. You could just kick that person out if you realize they’re not contributing to the fight. Although I highly doubt it as it doesn’t fit into Blizzards master plan of indoctrinating mindless drones to farm items for them.

      • I guess how I feel about that situation is that each player bears some responsibility in choosing who they party with.  If you’ve got people in your game that are just leeching off you and not contributing, you should hopefully be able to detect this before you reach an important boss fight, and act accordingly.

        Also, each class is meant to have various escape/crowd control skills.  If people are being buttholes and not helping, then you should just Leap/teleport/whatever and pull the boss right on top of them ; )

        • If there’s some giant butthole with MF gear waiting for me to kill a boss or something, I’ll just save&exit and leave him finish the encounter with his massive damage 8)  And since there’s no instant town portal anymore, he’ll have three options – s&e, run like a little girl or die a quick and painful death:)

      • Sorry Elly, wasn’t trying to single you out. I haven’t had time to listen to the podcast yet, so I was just responding to the text above.

  3. Nice episode 🙂 Just a tip on polls: to get a clearer view on the opinion that the fanbase has, give them like 2, 4 or 6 answers, but leave out the option: don’t care / no opinion. That way people who vote have to make a choice on wether they are against or agree with the subject of the poll. Since you want to know what the opinion of the fans on something, the ‘no opinion’ doesn’t really add any value to your results (I haven’t ever heard you say that the result of a poll was that people don’t have an opinion). Just a tip from a fan of your podcasts who also has studied a bit of marketing research techniques 😉 You do have very interesting topics in your polls and podcasts, keep it up. 🙂

  4. about someone with magicfind gear just stand back waiting for the loot..
    i dont think thats a problem since their high magicfind benefit everyone in the party..
    or does only the guy with magicfind items get higher magicfind?
    might even be preferred if youre tanking (if the whole party get higher magicfind).. let them supply the magicfind while you got high life, damage and defense..

      • That’s only half-true.  While the guy decked out in MF gear WILL only effect the drops he sees, there is still the chance he will get an item that he doesn’t need and that you DO. In which case it does benefit the person not wearing the MF gear to some degree because he can give or trade it to you.

    • MF might have the potential to make this problem even worse. Say there’s someone in your party with pure MF gear on. They’re most likely going to do significantly less damage than someone who’s decked out with pure DPS gear. So now the DPSer will again have to do most of the work while the MFer does much less damage.
      The DPSer gets shit gear because he doesn’t have any MF and the MFer gets epic lewts because he’s in full MF gear.
      Just a theory.

      • Don’t forget what they said about AI, that the AI will attack the character they see as being the weakest. What if the guy with all the MF gear is that guy?  Good luck to him to stay a live when everything is coming at him.  As someone said on a podcast, no loot, problem solved.

  5. After listening to the podcast, I agree with Flux 100% on the death/loot subject. You die and you aren’t in the proximity of the boss when the boss/monster dies, you get no loot. You may have participated and even have done 95% of the damage but you still did not out last that challenge and shouldn’t be rewarded for it.

    • And if you are present but doing nothing or very little, just as long as you’re around and out last the challenge?

      • Part of the challenge is choosing your allies, in which case the hypothetical non-participating player did a better job than his dead ally.

  6. Has there been any mention of dying in a solo-game and still getting loot? in D2 i would die, but my lingering spell would kill say Mephisto, and i was still able to get drops after running back to my body, even if my corpse was across the moat. What about in D3, say I shoot a magic missile from far away at a boss and a skelly shanks me in the back and i die, but then my magic missile kills the boss? do i still get loot?

  7. I say to hell with multiplayer player and just make everything single player so noone leeches. Ah hell can’t do that, the RMAH still remains….

  8. It’s always best to make some friends if your going to play online the majority of the time so leeching doesn’t happen (at least most of the time – there’s always points you won’t have friends online).

    Unfortunately I only have one that I know is going to play at the moment 🙂

    I still wonder… do you still get drops from monsters if in a ‘limbo’ state (aka not clicking the ‘respawn’ button and just laying dead) and your other team mates finish them off?? or is there a countdown to auto-re-spawn?

  9. This was to Elly’s question to me (posted here for some reason):

    From what I said and what it seems Blizzard has programmed, then yes, they get rewarded and the main participant who is either dead or not in the right proximity does not.  I definately see your side of the story and I hate to bring up D2, but if you were in a random group and say you missed a kill on Diablo, you probably missed out on the loot that was worthwhile because someone picked it up before you got back. So it’s happening again just in a different form. Is it fair? No not always, but you can always rerun it if you have friends/ a group willing and if you do have that \leecher\ kick that person out of the group.

     I feel the problem we are debating right now more has to do with boss encounters, but another thought of mine was, say you are adventuring through a random dungeon/area with friends or a random party and you die. Do you expect them to stop what they are doing while you catch up or to keep progressing through the area.  I don’t want to assume of course, but I would think since it is just \trash\ they would progress and as you were catching up they would be killing and you would be missing out on loot drops as well. Do you think you deserve any drops while you are catching up because you died while they keep going and killing?

  10. The whole loot argument between Elly and Flux was strange as ta da:
    Flux posted this and the blue post specifically mentions that you can simply be revived if you die during the fight by a team mate, netting you the drop and the only reason you’d be excluded from the drop is by partying with griefers or people who just don’t care about you enough to revive you to get rolled in.

    Sure Elly tried to make the argument that what if your team is simply too busy to revive you, but who knows if you have to channel to revive someone or if just standing on them revives them. There is at least a mechanic in the game that solves this problem, if you decide to take the risk to run back, you should also be fully accepting the risk that you might not get the drop.

    • Instant res solves it all. That’s that settled then.

      I didn’t say anything about people being too busy to revive though but that’s a fair comment, indeed they could be too busy.

    • Last I heard, resurrection from a teammate requires them to stand there for a few seconds, much like resurrecting a follower. which they’ll do in a friendly, co-op party. But the whole example/discussion in the podcast was about a PuG, or when the other players are underpowered MF leeches, which makes their intention/ability to res you kind of iffy.

  11. Can’t find screenshot with Monk generation from that podcast (1st time see it).
    Can someone write a link on it please?

    • We’ve not posted it yet. Was a special preview just via the podcast!

      I’ll add the full size version of it later this week.

    • The monk selection screenshot is in there, it’s the bit when Flux is reading out his description. There’s maybe 4 or 5 new shots at that point, one after t’other.


  12. In response to a lot of the discussion in this thread:

    Maybe I’m mistaken, but didn’t I hear that magic find won’t be a stat on standard gear? I thought the only way to get magic find was through your mercenary (or follorwer, what ever they call it). I might be wrong, or maybe they’ve changed their stance on MF…

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