Flux and Elly tackle the news rush, with commentary on D3?s cinematics, item and experience sharing in parties, Max Schaefer’s comments on D3, the upcoming Gamescom expo, and more.

    The thirty-first episode of The Diablo Podcast is now online for your listening pleasure. Once again it’s Elly and Flux running down the news items of the past week, with our customary wit, irreverence, and Flux’s inappropriate jokes. Topics include Diablo III’s cinematics, item and experience sharing in parties, new secret ninja game screen photos, D3 at the imminent Gamescom expo, Max Schaefer’s comments on D3’s new controversial features, and more.

    This one runs a bit longer than our usual weekly news shows, since there was just so much to cover. Plus we ended up debating the issue of experience sharing and item drops in parties. Basically, Elly is much more forgiving than I when it comes to the issue of “do you have to be alive and present to get items when a boss pops?” I don’t think it’s asking too much that your character be, you know, alive… to get items. Elly countered with a what if you do 95% of the tanking work, die right at the end, and then the back row DHs and Wizards finish off Diablo while you’re running back from the checkpoint. Don’t you deserve the drop more than the others in the game?

    Probably, in video games as in real life, but deserves got nothing to do with it. Other topics include news about D3’s Cinematics, the excellent new screenshots, the mysterious “Inferno” difficulty level/thingie, Max Schaefer’s surprisingly supportive comments about D3’s new features, and more.

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