Flux and Elly tackle a very busy week’s news, touching on the Auction House, big changes to skill runes, and disappointment at the lack of a Diablo 3 Beta test start date.

    The twenty-ninth episode of The Diablo Podcast is now online for your listening pleasure. Once again it’s Elly and Flux running down the news items of a very busy week. We certainly weren’t scrapped for topics this time, and had to tightly restrict our list of topics lest we greatly overstay our welcome.

    Issues touched on include the impending Diablo III beta test and why its small size is a good thing for impatient players, though that topic is by disappointment over the lack of a beta start date from Wednesday’s Activision/Blizzard conference call. We of course discussed the Auction House and the attendant RMT controversy as well, and Elly had some thoughts about the ongoing changes to skill runes. There’s even a site technical info update, with info about the incoming new server. It goes to eleven, as do the rest of Flux’s bad jokes. There might even be a moment of dreadful karaoke, though I sincerely hope Elly snipped that bit in post-show editing.

    The Diablo 3 Podcast Episode Guide in DiabloWiki.net provides links to every show, plus quick summaries.

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