Discussion of the smashing new Diablo 3 news on the imminent D3 beta, Auction House and RMT, Battle.net Banners, the Intro Cinematic, and more.

    Over the weekend we cut a two-part podcast discussing all the new info from last week’s Blizzard Event.

    This episode features Flux, The Eliminator, and Diablo’s Minion giving their thoughts on on a bunch of hot topics from the Blizzard media event last week. Issues covered in this part one of a two part discussion include the size and purpose of the Diablo 3 beta, the Auction House and the RMT aspect of it, the Diablo III introductory cinematic and its very new visual style, new Battle.net Banners, and more.

    These were fun to record, since I knew all the info from the media event, but the guests did not. So I got to describe the news, and their first reactions were right then, on live tape. We didn’t get any “first time watching two girls one cup” sort of horrified reactions, but there are a number of shocked silences, as well as some mutual confusion. Mostly when we try to figure out why and how on earth Blizzard decided to retcon the Dark Wanderer into Prince Albrecht.

    The Diablo 3 Podcast Episode Guide in DiabloWiki.net provides links to every show, plus quick summaries.

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