The Diablo 3 Podcast #27: UnicorNDA Discussion, Part One

Discussion of the smashing new Diablo 3 news on the imminent D3 beta, Auction House and RMT, Banners, the Intro Cinematic, and more.

Over the weekend we cut a two-part podcast discussing all the new info from last week’s Blizzard Event.

This episode features Flux, The Eliminator, and Diablo’s Minion giving their thoughts on on a bunch of hot topics from the Blizzard media event last week. Issues covered in this part one of a two part discussion include the size and purpose of the Diablo 3 beta, the Auction House and the RMT aspect of it, the Diablo III introductory cinematic and its very new visual style, new Banners, and more.

These were fun to record, since I knew all the info from the media event, but the guests did not. So I got to describe the news, and their first reactions were right then, on live tape. We didn’t get any “first time watching two girls one cup” sort of horrified reactions, but there are a number of shocked silences, as well as some mutual confusion. Mostly when we try to figure out why and how on earth Blizzard decided to retcon the Dark Wanderer into Prince Albrecht.

The Diablo 3 Podcast Episode Guide in provides links to every show, plus quick summaries.

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7 thoughts on “The Diablo 3 Podcast #27: UnicorNDA Discussion, Part One

  1. Blizzard now sees how much money can be mined from a game and now that is their ONLY concern.  At one time i respected Blizzard and referred to them as my favorite game developer, unfortunately that time has passed.

    There has been a slow change to Blizzard games these past few years mainly in the fact that they are making games for the masses. I understand this mindset, a larger customer base means more money blah blah blah. At the same time however it is a game developers duty to stay true to their fans and to yourself. Blizzard games were fun because they were very accessible to anyone (ie diablo 2). Anyone could have picked up that game beat normal and had a lot of fun doing it the whole time, at the opposite end of the spectrum however is the group of players that kept diablo 2 a viable and thriving game 10 years later, players like me and I assume since your on this site reading this players like you. Diablo 2 for me was a great game and it was also a science, I would horde early skill points until a skill opened up later that i wanted to use them on. I had my attributes lined up for gear that I knew i would use late game. There was a level of depth that went beyond someone picking up the game and playing through it on normal. Cry friends for that is now gone forever and its not coming back.

    Blizzard said any old lady could pick up this game and have fun, they were half right. Anyone can pick up this game play through it one time and get their char max level (which blizzard has stated will be at the end of hell difficulty) then spend a little bit of money and have a maxed out character with the best gear. Bringing this full circle it means that blizzard has allowed content usually reserved for their most faithful fans now available to the screaming noobs.

    I remember the day i heard about diablo 3, I was playing a mod of warcraft 3 (DoTA) and saw something in the chat window that took my breathe away, someone said diablo 3 had been announced. Since that day we have all patiently waited to get our grubby mitts on this game. Weep friends for the dream is dead, no offline play, real money trades, no skill points, no attributes… noobs truly rule the world, think about it brothers, playing the game through 1 time and buying the best gear in the game. I know the counter argument is just dont buy the items….just think….. noobs will be stronger than you.

  2. Real money trades – it’s about time Blizzard implemented this. I don’t play WoW, but WoW could probably benefit too. All you’re really doing is trading time for time with other players. For example, I could give my friend Brian a free Sorcerer’s Staff of the Apocalypse. In terms of game balance, that’s broken. Brian got something for nothing, and clearly the game is being influenced by outside factors – our friendship. So do you ban friendship? Likewise, guilds. You don’t even have to be friends. If you’re a member of a guild and the guild bank is constantly being replenished by 50 members, then everyone’s rich. I’ve seen people on this forum trade items for posts. If Diablo was a “pure” game then real money trading would be cheating via collusion. But Diablo is cooperative, so it’s fine.
    This forum has a thread dedicated to helping rush newbies, and another thread for giving them your unwanted items. And players on both sides LOVE this. It “saves” the newbie 30+ hours of work. Yeah, that’s a huge advantage isn’t it? I could play this game for 40 hours in single player and be “behind” another player who got 1 hour of help from the nice people here.
    No skill points / repecs “always on” – I’m surprisingly fine with this. If respecs have no cost then this is the right choice. There will still be a dozen builds for each class anyway. And it’s not like being able to switch your build will cause the gear you need for that build to fall out of the sky. The only thing I’m worried about is hyper strategizing. Like switching your entire build for one quest, then switching it back. But actually that sounds kind of awesome and it promotes variety. It just could be a lot of work.
    Having to be online – I blame Steam for setting the precedent that this is allowable. I know SC2 does it, but that doesn’t make it right. Diablo 2 used to have unforgivably aloof DRM: they forced you to have the disc in the tray. There was an easy way to circumvent that too, and it was eventually patched out.
    Dark Wanderer retcon – I really need to know the rest of the story (obviously spoilers) before I can begin to understand why this matters to D3. Is the Warrior back?

  3. I’ve been back and forth on the new RMT issue.  It certainly dwarfs nearly every other published change from last night, save perhaps no skill points.

    THat being said, I think time will tell with the RMT AH.  Part of me thinks this situation was inevitable and if Blizz didn’t do it, other games would and blizz would lose their edge.  All of us who have played wow have at one point, surely seen someone who has bought their character, or in-game gold, or items.  Now, the only difference is … perhaps I (the player) got to benefit from it (instead of someone who found a way to scam illegally outside of the game).

    I’m 60-40 on RMT AH now.  But I think time will tell. 


  4. Heh. The one thing that bothers me the most about what was said in the podcast is that Flux seems to think that he’s better than other fansite representatives and whines like a baby because he didn’t get an invite and some danish guy did. Considering the size of the population in the scandinavian countries, the % of them being gamers is quite high, so why shouldn’t Blizzard cater to that region as well?

    • You might want to listen to that part of the show again, since your impression of what we said is not at all the point we were making. The bit about a Danish site going had nothing to do with audience size or importance. It had to do with how wide and unexpected a variety of sites were at the event.

  5. Listening the last 10 minutes of the podcast to you discussing the Dark Wanderer being “Albrecht” is … gnaaa … it was already written in your first news post several times in the comments, it is NOT Albrecht, it is “another son”. You just got it wrong Flux, and another son makes much more sense while still being a retcon.
    Ofc you recorded the podcast before but you could have just cut the part out after realizing it :p

    Otherwise, nice podcast, although its way better when everyone is participating in realtime, obv ^^

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