The Diablo 3 Podcast #26: Weekly News Attack, July 29, 2011

Flux and Elly tackle the week’s news with much EXCITE as the beta draws near and info leaks from Blizzard’s pre-beta media event. Can the hosts wait until Monday to start spilling the secret info?

It’s another week and another weekly news attack featuring Flux and Elly. This one was fun to do, since we recorded it yesterday shortly after that cell phone pic of the beta had leaked, and it almost felt like we were real newscasters, broadcasting from the scene of some disaster.

Topics covered include the ongoing Blizzard media event, updated estimates of the size and duration of the imminent DiabloWikiDiablo 3 beta test, the new beta virtual box art, the Blizzard merchandise unveiled at the SDCC (I would not have guessed which one Elly liked best), Bashiok’s latest attempt to convince us that D3 will require skill, and more. (And yes, of course we had to edit out at least one NDA-buster that we didn’t realize we’d blurted out until afterwards.)

The Diablo 3 Podcast Episode Guide in provides links to every show, plus quick summaries.

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53 thoughts on “The Diablo 3 Podcast #26: Weekly News Attack, July 29, 2011

  1. Heart skipped a beat when I saw that leaked screen reposted at the top. Listening now, thanks

    • Looking forward to the coming gameplay vid aug1 (if there really is one) and Elly wanting to skip normal lol. I can understand that desire but I’m thinking we might find there is a lot more differences between the difficulties than difficulty alone. Or could that be asking too much hmm..

  2. yeah i know what u mean but please just give us a few hints on the upcoming news please….=(

    • We’ll be posting a podcast very early Monday morning that will definitely have a lot more than hints…

      • You mean you have all the info but will onlyost it after other websites (who were actually invited ton the event) donut themselves? Lol, you’re the biggest fraud of all the D3 fakes so far. You’re not teasing people you’re calling them idiots and they’re falling for it.

        Cant wait for aug 1st when everyone will see that you’ll only have news after you get some from the other sites when they release their content and just copy paste and call it your own (pretty much like all info from this podcast).

        Successful troll is successful (proven by the tards who will down vote this).

        • As the podcast discussing the new information is being recorded today that will be a really neat trick.

          /polishes up crystal ball.

          • As there’s absolutely nothing that can prove the podcast is being recorded beforehand except posting anything that’s even remotely true to a leak before the NDA, I would like anything that can even sound like a proof of it being recorded.

            The podcast will be posted Monday morning? OMG, good job taking hours upon hours to record a podcast on info that will be available midnight. Lol.

            Even the live chat event proves that you guys have nothing, and only blind fanboys (keep downvoting plz) believe otherwise, cause everyone else on other fan sites know Flux is full of sh*t.

            I’m looking forward to seeing the biggest trolling event of all time, and the face of all the idiots who believed you guys had anything (specially when you DON’T reveal anything before the NDA like you did so far).

          • Don’t know what Flux did to piss you off so much, but if anyone here is a troll it’s you my good sir… 8)

          • Asdf, we aren’t under an NDA however the various sources who have provided the information are.  You’d need to be a special kind of numpty to piss off sources.

            A podcast that runs for an hour usually takes a, um, hour to record (rather than “hours upon hours”) which would make it very difficult to put online at midnight without knowing the information before, as would the written reports.

            We’ll not be posting anything that’s come via those guys before that time.  Nice try ;p

    • The intros are always recorded after a bit of off-air chat, and we’re usually laughing just as we start. Sometimes even as we start…

  3. Great episode, guys!  11.11.11 though… if that turns out to be the case, it’s gonna be difficult to choose between which to start playing first –  Diablo 3 or Skyrim.

    • My brother is picking up skyrim for 360 and if diablo 3 is out at the same time then I will pick it up and we will probably play them in the same room at the same time that way we both get to see both games at the same time lol

    • Diablo 3 and Skyrim are on completely different levels!  Skyrim will be great for down times!

      • Long distance relationships work, my Wife was from the Philippines we’ve now been married 3 years 🙂 And YES she lives with me!! ahaha I just hope the buddy system is pretty cool cuz i’ll be spending most of my time keeping my Wife alive and picking up loot!

  4. Well like I said before, my assumptions are still this beta is just Blizzcon2010 demo presumably without the 15min time limit and updated changes obviously. But for me that doesn’t out exclude that the closed beta might be different, there is hope!

  5. Oh flux, why you hate us so much. First you tell us that you have all those cool info and that you aren’t under NDA, and I thought \hurrah, new info\ and then you say that you won’t tell us anything. Oh why is the world so cruel =(

    • Can leak info few days earlier by ignoring NDA and get ignored4life from Blizzard, never getting any chance again to go to any of their events. Might even get some law suits, hey I wouldn’t dare either.

      • I don’t they care about that so much as not ruining it for the people they are getting the info from and in turn having Blizzard PR on the asses of the people that attended to find and punish the informants (although I doubt they could)…

  6. Yeah so this podcast was just a filler -_- Except the news that Beta is more like a short demo…not a real beta. It’s only purpose seems to be testing the servers capacity to hold as many people at the same time as one can.
    Except maybe what they have shown to the news men may be something alot different then what the Beta will be – considering that was only a short visit so they would have had to be able to play something in 20 something minuets, a compact demo, not just stop somewhere in the middle of playing and then the things presented in news after August 1st not be relevant. So I hope Beta will be longer then demo shown to news men at visit.
    We’ll see..

  7. Challenging yourself can be fun at times.  How far you can get with out gear, or use of skills.  

  8. i dont listen to podcasts where ppl talk “waht do you think? of course you cant say anything that the audience cares about. but we two know what were talking about”. r u kidding me? 

  9. Oh you two (flux and elly), you are so cute with you mooooooooooing. I wish to hug you and squeeze you and hug you some more and more and more and mooooooooooooooooooooore until the last drop of info you have leaves you.

  10. Nice podcast!
    I get the whole Elly thing and wanting to skip normal … she doesnt really want to skip normal she just wants to enjoy a fun and challenging game not feel like its a walk n the park and to learn about the quests/game in some hold your hand easy mode gameplay.  (and thats what it sounds like blizzard is going to do).
    And like most I cant wait till monday – for me this will be better then christmas 🙂

  11. Many thanks for the podcast.  Listening to it while watching my little ones 🙂  Been following the site since… 1998 maybe?  Thanks for all the work!

    • Wow, you have to be the longest running member then RyTEK.  The site opened in 1997 so kudos for sticking around so long, it’s really nice to see.

      • I used to go by the handle Beastiaryocracy.  Never did more than a handful of forum posts (kind of like now), but I never miss an article.  Thanks again!

    • RyTEK, I agree with you. I remember this site back when D2 first came out. Its cool its still around and better then ever!

  12. Ok after listening to that pod cast just now. Im depressed now. When Elly says a few things that made her mouth drop guess what the first thing that pops into my head….PAID subscriptions! I hope im so wrong about that. It’s not that a cant afford it but that Diablo has never been a pay to play and they are just greedy bastards! They know me and others will still pay even though we are pissed and don’t want to. Please Please I hope thats not the bad news flux and elly said they did not like =(

  13. They are not going to release diablo 3 in 11 11 11, because in the same day, another great game, the elder scrolls 5 skyrim is being release. it would be a marketing disaster.

    • I said that in the last podcast or maybe the one before.  The 11.11.11 was a punt I took in that podcast, flux ran with it so I slipped in some flashes of it in the youtube version of the latest podcast above, just to fan the flames 🙂

      • I think it’ll be 11/15 or 12/12 either case I can’t wait I gotta start building a new system, is anyone else going to build a system when the beta comes out? 😆

  14. Flux, i’ve noticed you refer in your podcast that the people going to Irvine, are seeing the “Beta”. You feel so strong about this, I assume the reason for this is because on August 1st, you will disclose any systems left we haven’t heard about in the game. And I bet they will announce for 8/15 being the beginning of the beta 🙂 

    I think if they do this 8/15 + 3.5mon = 11/15 or 12/1 for release. 🙂 I think on the release date thread that was roughly my guess. 🙂

    • That’s because they were playing a beta build. It is even called such when they reached the end (see the leaked screenshot posted on Thursday). It has nothing to do with when the beta starts…

  15. ill be off shooting rifles later then playing  a classic pc game Messiah until midnight tonight 8)

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