Flux and Elly tackle the week’s news with much EXCITE as the beta draws near and info leaks from Blizzard’s pre-beta media event. Can the hosts wait until Monday to start spilling the secret info?

    It’s another week and another weekly news attack featuring Flux and Elly. This one was fun to do, since we recorded it yesterday shortly after that cell phone pic of the beta had leaked, and it almost felt like we were real newscasters, broadcasting from the scene of some disaster.

    Topics covered include the ongoing Blizzard media event, updated estimates of the size and duration of the imminent DiabloWikiDiablo 3 beta test, the new beta virtual box art, the Blizzard merchandise unveiled at the SDCC (I would not have guessed which one Elly liked best), Bashiok’s latest attempt to convince us that D3 will require skill, and more. (And yes, of course we had to edit out at least one NDA-buster that we didn’t realize we’d blurted out until afterwards.)

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