The Diablo 3 Podcast #23: Weekly News Attack

Flux and Elly recap the past week’s Diablo III news, including the surprising two-minute skill cooldowns and their PvP implications, a pending respecs system reveal, and yet more waiting for the Diablo 3 beta to begin. – See more at:

The twenty-third episode of The Diablo Podcast is now online for your listening pleasure. Once again it’s Elly and Flux running down the news items of the past week, with our customary wit, irreverence, and inappropriate jokes. Issues discussed include the upcoming, not-new Gamescom demo, the surprising two-minute skill cooldowns and their PvP implications, a pending respecs system reveal, and yet more waiting for the Diablo 3 beta to begin.

The Diablo 3 Podcast Episode Guide in provides links to every show, plus quick summaries.

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14 thoughts on “The Diablo 3 Podcast #23: Weekly News Attack

  1. Been following diablo inc for pretty much the last three years as my source for D3 news. Flux you rock. But Elly is annoying… Her knowledge of the game is clearly lacking…

    • You’re absolutely right MickyMouse, I don’t have as much in depth knowledge about Diablo 3 as Flux.  I can live with that.

      • He’s not a very happy mouse, is he? Walt would not approve.

        The fact that Elly isn’t living and breathing D3 content is a benefit on these news podcasts. We do the really in-depth game content conversations with Neinball and Eliminator and Wolfpaq and the other guys. Those are for one audience, who wants that level of detail and immersion.

        These news attack pods, on the other hand, are meant for a more general audience, or at least aren’t focused on just game features and play balancing. They’re lighter and faster and hopefully still humorous and interesting. Deep content debates wouldn’t really fit the format of these, and Elly reminds me not to get too deep into those woods during these.

        These news attack ones are actually getting more DLs and listens than the game feature ones, which just goes to show that many/most of the site readers enjoy their focus and approach. Some people do not, naturally. If anything has ever been presented on the Internet without any complaints voiced… it probably means that no one saw it.

      • rather chauvinistic 😛 i bet you would have not made that remark if she was a man :p
        ot: where does Elly come from , im not that well  versed on accents , its some pretty thick British english isn`t it ?

        • On TDP #2 Elly and I actually talked a bit about our regional origins as reflected in our accents. Or not.  I can’t give you a time to click to, but it wouldn’t be too hard to find, since we only talked for a few minutes, sandwiched in around the 2nd half of the Max Schaefer interview.

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  2. No wonder Elly sometimes sounds so angry/impatient at Flux – I would too if someone called me at 3 in the morning.  😉

  3. Podcast is great as always. 🙂
    The last time where Flux asked his guests to name the 3 Ancients was fun. Maybe throw in a Diablo pop-quiz once in a while?

  4. Incidentally, we had some sound issues on this one, with the clicking below my voice. I think I know what went wrong to cause that, and it will not recur on future shows.

  5. I’ve been following this site for about 10+ years. I’ve only recently been listening to the podcasts. I find them pretty bland, but I’m starting to warm up to them. I appreciate the work you guys do on the site. I remember searching the battlenet forums for blue posts, but you guys are really on top of that.

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