Flux and The Eliminator discuss the Monk’s skills and the recently-revealed changes to his combos. Have they been dumbed down? Do Runestones modify all levels of combos, or only the final big level? Also, the “Spirit” vs “Monk spunk” debate rages.

    The eighteenth episode of The Diablo Podcast is now online for your listening pleasure. In this episode Flux and The Eliminator analyze the recent changes to the Monk‘s skills and combos, speculate on potential Runestone interactions, and make way too many bad jokes about his resource Spirit, and it’s rude new nickname.

    Also, while this violates every “don’t feed the trolls” rule of running a website, as Eliminator and I talked about near the end of the show, it would be interesting to interview one (or more) of our resident haters skeptics on a future episode of the podcast. If you are one of the few and proud who greet every new feature change with unbridled cynicism, or if you’re entirely convinced that D3 will suck and you’d like a wider audience for your views, .

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