As we started last week, new episodes of The Diablo Podcast are going up a couple of days early for Pals, as a thank you for their support for the site. Pals can now listen/view the newest podcast via this thread in the Pals’ forum. Content tease for this week’s 90m show:

    The Diabloii.net Podcast covers HC death and speedy rebirth, the 1000 Shard club, why no one cares that MF still works, Grifts vs. T6 Rifts, and the joys and pains of RNG. Plus shorter themed seasons, like No-Sets? Featuring N3rdwards, Tyr, and Flux.

    If you’re not a Pal and want to become one to help support the site, here’s how. If you’re a Pal and can’t access the forum (likely because you just subscribed and haven’t been upgraded yet) let us know and we’ll iron out the tech wrinkles. If you’re not a Pal and want to listen to the new podcast, never fear; it’ll go live in a news post early Wednesday morning, just like usual.

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