In this episode, Flux, The Eliminator, and DiablosMinion discuss Diablo III on Battle.net. What features will be included? What will the financial model be? What forms of “added value” could Blizzard graft on to pinch a few more pennies for Bobby?

    The seventeenth episode of The Diablo Podcast is now online for your listening pleasure. In this episode Flux, The Eliminator, and DiablosMinion discuss and speculate about Diablo III’s Battle.net presence. How will it work? What will fans get for their purchase price? And most importantly, what will Blizzard charge for the service, or what extras will Bobby they find a way to monetize?

    Though Blizzard has not yet confirmed it, most fans are assuming (hoping?) that Diablo III will follow the model Blizzard created with Starcraft 2; basic online access and play will be free (included in the game purchase price) for users in the US and most of Europe, but that people in the rest of the world will have other plans with lower game box prices and some sort of monthly/subscription fees for long term B.net access. (Which is required to play multiplayer SC2, and will be for MP D3, since LAN support is not included.)

    Where might Blizzard squeeze out a few more dollars, though? WoW sells various in-game goodies, but nothing that actually lets players buy more power; just more shiny or customization or virtual pets. It doesn’t seem like virtual pets would fit into D3, but Blizzard could certainly offer paid character realm transfers, or DiabloWikiAuction House access from a smart phone as they do in WoW for $3 a month. During the podcast, we speculate on other such features that might work with D3, and delve into the always-contentious issue of RMT (Real Money Trading), which both guests are strongly opposed to.

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