In this episode Flux, Wolfpaq, and The Eliminator discuss other ARPGs. Though some of them have been fun, why have none of the “Diablo Clones” been anywhere near as satisfying as the original games? What’s special recipe did Blizzard North unlock that no one has (yet) replicated?

    In our second podcast this week, (with a third coming up Friday) we talk about other ARPGs. In this episode Flux, The Eliminator, and Wolfpaq discuss other ARPGs, a genre known less-charitably as “Diablo Clones.” There have been many, many such games released since D1 and especially D2 staked out the territory, and while some have delivered momentary joys, none has created anything resembling the lasting satisfaction of the Diablo titles. Why not?

    This is another no-nonsense installment, clocking in at just over 30 minutes, though we cover a wide variety of topics in that time, and (of course) find room for some bad jokes as well. Games and issues discussed in this podcast include:

    • Is World of Warcraft a Diablo clone?
    • What didn’t Torchlight 1 do and why might Torchlight 2 better it?
    • Was Darkspore a real RPG or just an official mod of Spore?
    • How did Blizzard expand the fairly limited fiction and lore of their Warcraft RTS into the most successful MMORPG ever? And can/will they do the same thing one day with Starcraft?
    • Dungeon Siege 1 and 2 weren’t very good, and DS3 appears to be a case study in how not to port a console title to the PC. Does this bode ill for the future D3 PS3 port?
    • Deathspank. Can comedy sell an RPG?
    • Game reviewers who like everything, except Duke Nukem Forever. Our parent site Incgamers.com is one of the few who will tell the truth in their reviews, as evidenced by their 4.2 for Duke Nukem Forever.
    • Bastion, and its interesting steam-punk cartoon style.
    • The big question; why have none of the ARPGs since 2001 come close to replicating the fun of d1 or d2?

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