In this episode Flux and Wolfpaq talk about skillrunes, with in depth analysis of the recent skill runes videos and plenty of first hand play anecdotes about using skill runes in the game.

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    In this episode Wolfpaq joins me for a detailed discussion of anything and everything about Runestones, with special attention and analysis lavished on the recent runestone videos. This isn’t the longest episode of the podcast yet, but trust me when I say that after some opening chat about the recent lack of news and disappointing 1m FB milestone, we got into runestones and talked for over an hour without a pause or any repetition. It’s amazing how much there is to debate and discuss about the game system, even when most of our talk was focused on just the five specific skills shown in the recent videos. Some topics covered:

    How will skill rune levels and skill levels interact? Do all the runes change the base skill’s graphics after all? Will skill runes boost all three levels of the Monk’s combo skills, or just the third/final hit? Is Sweeping Wind a staff-specific skill? Will the Monk and Barb get a special off-hand offensive item the way the Wiz/WD/DH do? Will Ray of Frost pierce? Will its chill persist after the skill is no longer in use? How could a Wizard combine Explosive Blast, Teleport + a damage rune, Ice Armor, and Indigo Runed Ray of Frost into a suicide honeypot strategy? How awesome would Cluster Arrow and other DH bow skills work with pierce?

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