The Diablo III Beta Draws to a Close

We all knew that the fun would come to an end at some point and here it is.

We’d like to thank everyone who has participated in the Diablo III beta. You’ve done an admirable job of testing, and we greatly appreciate all of the feedback you provided during this critical phase of development.

In preparation for the launch of Diablo III on Tuesday, May 15, the beta servers will be brought offline on Tuesday, May 1. At that time, all beta accounts and character information will be reset. Leading up to Diablo’s May 15 launch date, players will only be able to create comments and forum posts on the official Diablo III community site if they have pre-purchased Diablo III or have a StarCraft II or World of Warcraft game license attached to their account. In the meantime, we encourage everyone to stay tuned to this website for exciting news and updates regarding the upcoming release.

Thank you again for your participation, and we’ll see you soon on!

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52 thoughts on “The Diablo III Beta Draws to a Close

  1. Well there goes all the last hope that the EU would get any keys… thanks blizz for caring so much for your community… guess they don’t know their community is bigger then the US alone :/ 

    • “Well there goes all the last hope that the EU would get any keys… thanks blizz for caring so much for your community… guess they don’t know their community is bigger then the US alone :/ ”

      Not the D3 Beta community…. =P

    • Waaaaaaaa. 

      Seriously, get over it. Blizz doesn’t owe you anything, and you’re not even in the same country that Blizzard operates out of. 

    • You are retarded. They sent out tons of keys to EU. Those 250k were WORLD WIDE. There was also a huge invite wave before that for us.

    • No.  You get the privilege of being in the beta.  

      Stop with the “me me me me me” stuff.  
      captcha for posting this was “happy trails”.  too funny.

  2. Wow, so I’ll never get into the beta after all.. 
    I guess on some level I assumed I’d be included
    Beford the end.
    That sucks  

    • WHAT?  Thanks for nothing even though Diablo 3 is being released two weeks after beta goes down.  What a bunch of ungrateful people in this thread. 😕

  3. Enjoyable while it lasted, would love some “Been in the beta” type banner sadly nothing of the sort is planed right?

    • right! why the fuk do you randomly chosen people need acknowledgment and praise even now!?! you are getting on my nerves. why the hell do you think you are so special?
      WE ! The others should get a banner saying “grateful people that were NOT into beta and waited patiently”~!

  4. if only i could “make” that effort of “helping” them out by playing the beta 😛

  5. Ahh, Blizzard is exposing beta testers bitter real life for 15 days! God have mercy on our bored souls

  6. Well, that’s sad and a little earlier than I expected.

    Shame for all the guys who didn’t get a shot of the beta.

  7. There goes my theory that the last “reveal” was open beta or all of act 1 or something.  OR DOES IT?

    • We already know what the last reveal is.

      Kind of a shame that they’re tossing our beta accounts. My only other account with access just got banned for a month. >.> 

        • Suffice to say I deserved that one. I got a little nasty with a white knight on the official forums is all, but what I said wasn’t called for and I had it coming.

          • They banned your account from the beta itself? That doesn’t make sense… They would normally just ban your forum account if you did something they don’t like on the forums. I should know… I recently got banned for a few days after quoting and then badmouthing Bashiok’s fail logic in his recent post about the RMAH.

  8. I was hoping they would keep it going to test the PVP arenas after launch. I guess they will be testing PVP internally.

    • There’s test servers to test new patches, and they’re public. So that shouldn’t be an issue.

  9. We’re getting closer! Didn’t get a beta invite but at least I got to play on a friends account.

  10. At least they fixed the duping method me and a buddy accident found!!

    Beta was fun, can’t wait to enjoy the last week of it and have a 2 week break to prepare mentally for release!!! 

  11. Sign of release?! On a more Serious note- been testing since what, september? I am
    Almost envious of you who Get to experience the game fresh In 4
    Weeks, instead of stopping at Leoric again and again and again…

    Game is almost here guys! You’ve been waiting for at least 4 years,
    If not 12 😉 what’s 4 more weeks? 🙂 

  12. lol at the people who just got beta : )
    Oh well better than nothing, I suppose.

    Its going to be a long 2 weeks from May 1st …

  13. HOW Can they end beta, I didnt even get a key??? wtf Now I dont even want the full game anymore…

  14. Opted in since day 1, participated in countless of contests and still no beta-key >.<
    And now the beta is coming to an end.
    How sad it is.
    Oh well, back to Legend of Grimrock till D3 release:

    Just fucking lol. I just checked my account and beta has been added.

    I will call in sick tomorrow at work. Finally !!!!!!!!!!!

  15. I didn’t get a beta key, as usually. So good to be a fan of Blizzard since 1999…

    The good thing is that there are only 30 days in April! 

    • Damn. So much anti-love about no beta-ness. The deal is – not everyone gets one and nobody is entitled to one more than anyone else. I know YOU know it’s not a demo so just chill. You’ll be playing the full game and loving it in a few short weeks. As has been mentioned…we’re so close! 

  16. the beta is going to end finally! I was worried before March 15th  that the test will continue to 2013/2014,but now it will last only 7,5 months(very short period of time in Blizzard calendar)

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