Everybody has been watching the Blizzard’s Art Direction debate unfold for Diablo III which upset a number of people in the Diablo community. If you are at all interested in reading about it, head over to the new Art Controversy wiki page where we have compiled everything there is to know about the recent debate, rumours and controversy.

    What do you know about the colour inconsistencies with previous games, the “pastel” graphics, rainbows and bunnies? Would you like to know how Blizzard responded to the complaints and what other gaming fans think? Why did the Lead Art Director quit so timely in the aftermath of the complaints? Was it all just a coincidence? Are Blizzard still on-track with the game? There is now one central place to find the answers (or rumours) to all things related to the debate, you only need to visit the Art Controversy wiki page!

    If you have been following the debate, and have opinions about the controversy with additional facts and sources then you should add whatever tidbits are missing! Mind you, while it’s a wiki and anyone can edit it, we won’t take lightly to vandalism. Added information needs to be somewhat objective, and sources and quotes are always recommended additions.

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