It seems Blizzard have taken on board your complaints here and by way of compensating for the 1 million likes reissued wallpapers from yesterday, have released this rather nice image of the Archangel Tyrael in golden armour by Brom.

    Sometimes it pays to have a good old moan:)  Read about the Archangel Tyrael on Diablo Wiki.

    I think Holyknight3000 already has plans to create a wallpaper from this (big fan of DiabloWikiBrom) so watch for that in the near future.

    Update: Bashiok added a comment on this image via the B.net forums.

    A wallpaper has been what we’ve given out for our Warcraft and Blizzard Facebook pages hitting 1 million. You could argue three wrongs don’t make a right, but we honestly never thought about doing something other than what we’ve done for the other pages (more really since it’s creating all the resolutions for five pieces). If you did, or expected something big and grand for a Facebook milestone, I apologize. I can totally understand building up expectations around it, and maybe we could have done more to make sure you knew we weren’t going to release anything but screenshots and artwork.

    Hopefully the Tyrael piece, which has never been seen before, is still cool. I hope you enjoy it.


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