We’ve all been debating for weeks, offering up our own ideas of what Blizzard would roll out in celebration of reaching the monumental milestone of 1 million likes on the official Facebook page.  Many hoped for some gameplay footage, some were even hopeful for a beta date announcement .  Others joked we may simply get wallpapers of previously seen artwork. Oh, how we laughed.

    If you’re troubled by a sudden feeling of deja vu you can lay that to rest as all five of these DiabloWikiJosh Tallman artworks were first revealed via the class pages on the official site, then released in full size/quality on the Blizzcon 2010 press CD, as you’ll see from our gallery.  So, really I could have done the 1 million Facebook update myself last night.

    We had a quick vote on the Facebook page earlier with four options of ideal rewards and I was surprised to see the most wanted was a 5 minute cine hinting at some new lore.  I would have put money on it being a skill rune gameplay video.  I went for option “10 screenshots of a brand new zone” because it’s good to be greedy.

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