The last ransom showed us a shot of a spectral warriorcave dwellings, a piece showing the female barbarian in higher level armor,  a male barbarian in 4 different armor sets, and a screenshot of an arena battle showing off the barbarian’s whirlwind with a rune effect.

    This time around on the 2nd-to-last ransom on the 975k mark we have a concept art of the male Witch Doctor by DiabloWikiGlowei in all it’s high resolution glory. There is also a piece of concept art of the city of Caldeum. You may remember this piece in one of my wallpapers a while back. This piece shows many levels within the city. The palace structure reminds me of the palace in DiabloWikiLut Gholein from DiabloWikiDiablo II. You can also see the city slums in the lower levels as well.

    Last but not least is the screen shot of the red dungeon from act 1. This time we have the male wizard using his Wave of Force on a red Unburied, and some zombies being knocked away.

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