The last Facebook ransom was a bit lacking, with just one concept art of DiabloWikiKing Leoric. DiabloWikiBashiok has more than made up for that today with the 3rd-to-last (just the 975 and 1m milestones to go) blast of visual delights. We’ve got a brand new Arena screenshot, plus four pieces of art, two of which are the best kind of new. The never-before-seen kind!

    Here are the two brand new images; the figure is called a “DiabloWikiSpectral Warrior” and looks like a monster of some type. Maybe a ghostly Oblivion Knight sort of caster? The environmental art piece is also a mystery. We’ve seen some canyons of this type (and the red hanging banners) before in some DiabloWikiCaldeum desert concept art, but it’s unknown if we’ll explore areas like this in the game.


    There are also two new pieces of character artwork. Most of the early character arts were Barbs in various cool pieces of armor, and these two pics (showing 5 outfits) are straight from that batch. We’ve seen all of these images before, mostly in single images from the WWI 2008 art reel or else on display in the Blizzcon museum, but it’s nice to get them in higher quality digital versions. This horned helmet female Barbarian art piece was quite popular when we first posted it shortly after Blizzcon 2010, from a photo I took in the art museum.


    There’s also a new screenshot showing a great bit of DiabloWikiBattle Arena action. Here we’ve got a 2v2 game with a Barb and a Wizard on each team, which seems like a fun match-up. The Wizards are both going heavy with the DiabloWikiEnergy Twisters tornadoes are DiabloWikirune effects added to the Barb’s DiabloWikiSprint skill (Energy Twisters are larger and more spectral-colored). The red team Barb looks to be bypassing the melee crunch and going for a DiabloWikiLeap Attack towards the more vulnerable blue team Wizard.

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