Our likes have been received, Blizzard’s Facebook page has released another pair of images from captivity. As usual, we’ve got a screenshot and a piece of concept art.

    The concept art is mostly new; a closeup of this thing was seen on the original 2008 art reel, and we’ve had that shot in the Monster Gallery ever since, but today’s pic gives us a full view of the hideous creature. Plus, the caption for the shot on Diablo’s FB page sheds a bit more light on the mysterious beast.

    While this … thing resembles the Khazra, its form is twisted and distorted. It would only be one of many instances where the denizens of Sanctuary have been risen or reformed for demonic purposes.

    To me it looks like a rat-headed Wilford Brimley on DiabloWikiThousand Pounder‘s body. (Compare the body to this concept of the 1000lber.)  I wouldn’t have thought “DiabloWikigoatman” from the image, though. The ornate staff makes it seem shaman or mage-like, and though this is only concept art, it seems like a good bet that we’ll see this monster actually in the game, if they’re reposting the concept art this late in the pre-game run? (Lots of weird goatmen in D3; recall the recent zombie spear type.)

    The new screenshot is another view of the fiery torture dungeon we enjoyed so much in the Blizzcon 2010 PvM demo. In this scene (close up below, click it for the full shot) a Witch Doctor is sending a swarm of his DiabloWikiFirebats into a fireplace. Firebat heaven? These flaming pits were actually stairways in the demo, up which flaming zombies perpetually came shambling. I didn’t see any way to kill or target the fireplaces; they were just one-way passages from Hell’s kitchen, where all-you-could-eat zombie flambe was always on the menu.

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