The pace of new likes on Diablo’s Facebook page accelerated a bit last week, and thus we’ve reached our next 25k milestone a few days ahead of schedule. As a result… new artwork! This one features three concepts of the very nicely-outfitted DiabloWikiCaldeum NPC guards, drawn by DiabloWikiVictor Lee.

    As is often the case with these Facebook ransoms, we’ve seen these images before. They were displayed in the Blizzcon museum back in 2009, where I took photos of them. Interestingly, those images had the names/types of the NPCs written in; names that are not included in this new piece of artwork. Thus I can point you to the pictures of the Caldeum Speartroop, Caldeum Cleavertroop, and Caldeum Officer.

    Though our gallery houses numerous pieces of concept art of the city of Caldeum and its face-painted NPC inhabitants, we’ve never yet seen any actual screenshots from inside of Caldeum. The Blizzcon 2009 demo began just outside its walls, but there was no way in and no view over them, and based on recent comments about no further game area previews, it seems like we’ll have to wait for the final game to see this Act Two city ourselves.

    You can also see animated versions of a couple of these guards on the Caldeum page of the official D3 site. A thumb of the guards as seen on that page is to the right.

    Update: Here’s the “new” DiabloWikiArena screenshot, though I can’t absolutely swear that it is. New, I mean. It features the exact same chars, same skills, and same arena tile set that the last 5000 have. Which is kind of a theme with the screens we see for PvP or PvM, I realize. It’s just easier to pretend, sometimes… Dozens more views of almost exactly the same thing here or here.

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