Another week, another 25k likes, another pair of new images. This couple are thematically paired, with concept art of the Unburied, plus a screenshot of the beast. Check the wiki article for lots more about the monster, including gameplay reports, numerous screenshots, and additional artwork. Which is my way of saying that yes, we’ve seen this “new” artwork before. On the Blizzcon 2010 press CD.

    The screenshot is the never-before-seen- type of “new” though, and it can be seen below. I believe the Unburied about to eat an DiabloWikiEntangling Shot from a DiabloWikiDemon Hunter is a DiabloWikiboss or a DiabloWikichampion, as it’s a glowing neon color, and it appears to be considerably larger than usual. (Yes, TWSS.)

    While we’re on the subject of Facebook likes, there’s been some fan speculation about what the one meeeeeeleeeonth like will bring, since that’s when this whole “new stuff every 25k” promotion is set to end. A beta announcement? Waffles? Moar shineies? Bashiok replied to a forum post about that today.

    We have something cool lined up, but it’s along the lines of the visuals we’ve released so far. Nothing earth shattering, but something cool to celebrate the milestone.

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