Another week, another 25k “likes” on the Diablo Facebook page, and this time they’ve released three shinies; two artworks and a screenshot. Sadly, only one is truly new. The tiny thumb to the right is the least-new. It’s a concept sketch of the Morlu Caster, which was originally released on the Blizzcon 2009 press cd. This is the demon that the Monk fought in his cinematic intro movie, and we’ve long had a wiki article about it. HolyKnight even did a wallpaper for it last July.

    The other artwork is new, though. It depicts an Iron Maiden, and does a good job representing the gruesome and bloody nature of the many torture devices we saw in the fiery dungeon at Blizzcon last year. (And have continued to see in most of the screenshots released since then.) These torture devices were located here and there in the dungeon in the Blizzcon demo, and they operated like bloodier versions of the sarcophagi in the D2 Act Two desert tombs; a DiabloWikizombie would emerge very few seconds until you destroyed the object.

    You can see an in-game version to the left that I cropped out of one of the screenshots after Blizzcon last year. Sorry about the low image quality, but the device was in a shadowy corner of the screenshot so I had to turn up the levels a lot to make it visible.

    The screenshot is sort of new; we first saw it in a GamePro magazine preview last November, but that image only showed a closeup of the shot, and was a much lower quality image. Now that we can see the whole thing… it’s still unclear which Monk skill is on display. Speculation at the time focused on DiabloWikiLong Reach, DiabloWikiLethal Decoy, DiabloWikiWave of Light, or even a rune effect of DiabloWikiExploding Palm.

    Looking now, I’m still not sure. The higher image quality makes clear (I think) that we’re seeing a movement skill here, most likely DiabloWikiDashing Strike. The solid image to the right appears to be where the female Monk was, and she’s now the blur of light crashing through the DiabloWikiCultists, scoring at least one blood fountain of a kill on the way. Probably the solid image of the Monk remains behind for an instant, to look cool? Or maybe to serve as a decoy for the enemies?

    The image below is a closeup view; click it to see the full shot. Note also the nice depth off to the right, with multiple red-hued dungeon levels descending into madness the distance.


    While we’re on the subject of Facebook and likes, we’re trying to push our Facebook.com/DiabloIncGamers page to 1000 likes. Right on Blizzard’s heels! If you’ve not hit it up, do us a favor and check it out. We can’t offer you semi-new screenshots, at least not until next Blizzcon when I post my annual stash of new photos from the Blizzard Museum, but look at it as a public service; your D3-noob friends will certainly gain more game knowledge from following our page than just following Blizzard’s official page.

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