The Diablo Facebook page clicked past another 25k likes last night, and thus the Xth batch of Facebook artwork was delivered unto the Diablo fansites. As has become the standard, we were blessed with a piece of concept art and a screenshot. And as has also become standard, we’d already seen one of them; the concept art in this case.

    The screenshot is another image from the fiery torture themed dungeon below the DiabloWikiTristram Cathedral that players explored during last year’s Blizzcon. In it we see a DiabloWikiWizard watching the explosive ring of his DiabloWikiArcane Orb‘s explosion dissipate, while the DiabloWikiUnburied and DiabloWikiZombies he hurled it at remain implacably determined to pull forth his internal organs like so many links of chicken mango breakfast sausage.  And who can blame them?

    The artwork shows one of the odder monsters we’ve seen concept art of; an undead-looking DiabloWikigoatman javelin-thrower. We first saw a smaller view of this image on the art-roll movie, released with Diablo III’s debut back in 2008, and we’ve had a perplexing screencap of it in our gallery ever since. This new artwork shows the whole creature, instead of just a cropped closeup, but it’s no more explicable now. Is it actually a zombie-kinda thing? Or is the rough nature of the concept art what gives that impression, and it’s just a stylized view of a regular goatman spear-thrower in tattered robes? (If I had a nickel for every time I’ve asked that question!)

    Here’s the pics. Click ‘em to embiggen.


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