Another three days of the curiously-increased liking rate = more visual delights from the Diablo Facebook page.

    The art represents the Witch Doctor’s DiabloWikiHorrify skill, and it’s a good image for that; quite evocative of the howling, anguished, half-undead ghostly Witch Doctor that appears overhead when this skill is used in the game. Not all of the Facebook artworks have featured concept artwork for the Witch Doctor skills, but quite a few of them have. I wonder if his skills required the most artwork to visualize them in advance since they were new inventions? Or if it’s just the luck of the draw that we’ve seen so many of his, and no concept art at all for any of the Barbarian’s, Monk’s, or Demon Hunter’s skills, and just that one Hydra sketch for the Wizard?

    The screenshot features a DiabloWikiDemon Hunter firing a DiabloWikiBolo Shot at a pair of DiabloWikiCultists who are already chained together by DiabloWikiEntangling Arrow. The most notable thing in this pic is how well it captures the massive, jagged, cleaver arm chopping traps that were found near the exit of that dungeon in the Blizzcon 2010 PvM demo. They’re seen several times in the Blizzcon 2010 gameplay video, and trust me, I tried; it’s damn hard to get a screenshot of them in motion, and from an angle that clearly shows the blade.

    Of course I only had frame by frame views of the gameplay movie; whoever took this screen had the actual game to move around in and find the ideal position to document the blade. Just think, one day that will be true for all of us…


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