The Diablo Facebook Ransom is Paid: Part VII

Blizzard has released another pair of images via their Facebook page, for our Monday viewing delight.

The artwork is not new, since a photo of this piece, a painting of a Claw Viper done by famous fantasy artist Brom, was released back in early 2010. We even ran a Caption This featuring it last March, which drew numerous jokes about vision problems, manicure issues, snake constipation, and an inability to count to ten—even if he took off his shoes. My favorite though, came courtesy of Baalbot9000: “Faces of Meth : Diablo Edition.”

So we’ve seen it, but it’s nice to have the full size/quality version. Click it for that.

The screenshot is new, though you’d probably need to have spent almost as much time as I have looking over the Diablo III Arena Screenshots to be sure of that. (And I had to compare to some others just to be sure.) It shows a bouncing DiabloWikiFirebomb just missing the red team DiabloWikiBarbarian, who appears to be making a short leap towards the blue team DiabloWikiWitch Doctor. Who you mostly can’t see, since he’s obscured behind the vengeance-seeking red Barbarian.

My favorite element of the screen? What appear to be two drumsticks left from a DiabloWikiSacrificed DiabloWikiMongrel, lying to the bottom left of the main action. Click it below for a much larger view. (That’s what she said.)

There’s been no official comment from Blizzard about the apparent “likejacking” that has so greatly boosted the rate of likes to their FB Diablo page, but it ‘s continuing. After the weekend brought more likes in two days they they were previously getting in a week, there have been 8000 more likes in the 18 hours since I posted about this last night. Which is 3-4x the pace their page had established over the past 6 weeks. At this accelerated rate they’ll hit the next 25k milestone late Tuesday or early Wednesday.

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1 thought on “The Diablo Facebook Ransom is Paid: Part VII

  1. Well, as a WoW player, with 3x lvl 85 toons, I will be “parking” my WoW account upon release of Diablo III!
    That is on top of taking a break from WoW to play Portal2, and Deus Ex:HR.

    So my WoW time this year is going to be much less than the last few years.

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